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  1. I was experiencing the same problem/creaking on my 06. After many failed attempts I think I finally fixed it! The noise was coming from the top corner of the rear window, and was worse on hot days on rough roads. (Pleanty of both in Wisconsin) Peel back the head liner by removing the two corner plastic fastners. In the top corner of the rear window there will be a metal tab under a plastic piece that is attached to the window. SLIGHTLY pry the metal tab downward with a screw driver away from the rear window and plastic peice. This should provide just enough space between the metal tab and plastic piece which I found was where the noise was coming from. I also sprayed a little WD-40 in between the tab and plastic just to be sure. I drove the car before the fix and the noise was horrible. After the same test drive following the fix the noise was gone. finally! I was hesitant to start prying on things by the window but after looking, you are not affecting the seal. I have read that the tabs are just for alignment when installing the rear window. The noise was VERY ANNOYING and I read this is a common problem in the 9th gen. I will post following a long term test of the fix. Hope this helps others.
  2. I was just wondering if anyone else had a Peripheral brand or similar i pod interface installed in their corolla. I have one in my 06 corolla s. It works well but the display on my stereo will not show me the track number on my i pod, it only changes the track number if I use the track up or down buttons manually on the stereo when searching songs. Also the time of the song just bounces back and forth between 1.00 and 2.00. I had it installed at Best Buy. So I was wondering if anyone else had these same problems, or if something is installed wrong.
  3. New Tires

    I am looking to replace the stock Integrities on my 06 S. I am tired of no traction whenever there is any moisture on the ground, and here in Wisconsin we are getting dumped on with snow again. I want a good all season tire, winter and sumer. (anything will be better than those Integrities!) I have been leaning toward the Yokohama Avid TRZ. Just wondering what other Corolla owners think about these tires, or if there are other recommendations. Thanks for any info.
  4. GT You can buy just the bases. The Jetta uses different bases than the corolla, but if the width of the bars is the same, this is all you should need to buy.
  5. taewa I don't know if this will help, but I have a 2006 corolla with a Yakima rack, and it takes 48" bars. I know it is not the same set up you have, but I think it should be similar. Otherwise, you can go to Thule's website and check by entering in your car info, or call one of the dealers the website lists and ask them.