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  1. That is a good point. I mean, are they allowing test driving though with the whole COVD-19 restrictions going on though? Last I heard they weren't allowing test driving unless you made an appointment.
  2. It is a lower sitting vehicle which would be good for older folks. I feel like the sleek design can be off-putting to some though. You can check that link out and share that with them. The ratings for it are good across the board in terms of safety.
  3. I thought it was worth sharing this for those who may follow the company. Given what is going on right now in the world and how it is effecting workers and manufacturing, any changes or delays due to the virus will be shown on the page below. I am glad to see the business taking it seriously as well as doing what they can to support their workers in buildings and warehouses around the world. Update page:
  4. Toyota released pictures of the latest "special edition" Corolla Hatchback in a stunning red color and it is truly a thing of beauty! The overall design of the vehicle pops and you can see the attention to detail that went into this wonderful car. What do you think of the red on the 2021 model?
  5. Source With everything going on in the world right now, for a big Japanese owned company to take issues happening within the US as a big deal says a lot of about their moral compass. I just hope all this attention, the good and the bad, serves for a better tomorrow for everyone.
  6. I am looking into my options for leases and one of the cars in my budget range for a monthly lease is the 2018 Camry. I don't know too much about the vehicle having never driven one before nor had much interest in one before this so I am not sure if this is a good car to lease or not. I also will have the option to buy it but I am not sure I would want to.