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  1. I signed up, i would have to agree with others that the site is a bear to navigate. Might i suggest that you have a garage section for the folks that are reporting on cars for you. You know like when you go to online parts store, it will save your car and data, the just make it like a log where one could login to the garage, then enter the data thats needed. Then of course you could have the other side for people that are just trying to get info. Your concept is very sound, I have looked at sites like that before. But when you want data from people and there is no real incentive for them to give the data, try to make it easier on them. And also i would like to add one more thing for the folks that have older cars. With gas prices the way they are these days, i have seen lots of people dusting off the older cars and driving them. So the farther you can go back in the years , that will give YOUR site the advantage that the others dont do. Just food for thought. If you go to a used car lot, or see a old car in the paper, it would be nice to have someplace to go to get the type of info that you are offering. Its a good site, and i will continue to post data when asked. Of course my car has been modified somewhat, so not really sure how good the data will be. Dont you just have to love 'Rolla people'
  2. I had a 98 Corolla that I was the 3rd ower. Needless to say it was getting pretty tired and i didnt want to throw the type of money it needed to make it right again, and it was an automatic and i really wanted a stick. I had to order my 07 to get the stick, but the toyota dealer let me have a demo until it came in. Took about 4 days. When i was in shopping mode i drove the scion tc. It was a nice car but for the added price, and i needed alittle bit more room i went with the corolla. The car is sweet, needless to say i have loads of fun in my little "work" car. Oh yeah, i get 40 mpg. LOL Just wait till you are not upside down and trade that tc in on an brand new corolla. You will not regret it. Happy motoring
  3. When I upgraded my wheels and tires I went with a 17x7 with Yokohama's, the ride is smooth and i love the bite when in curves. I was suprised that the lower profile of the 17's were as smooth as they are. I will stick with the Yokohama's, affordable and all around nice tire.
  4. Couple pics. Finially got the time to get them off the camera
  5. Well folks, I did it, i replace the sound system in my 07 Corolla with an aftermarket system. Purchased everything from Cruthfield, total for everything was pretty close to $470. I went with the JVC Kw-XG700, its a double din model. Alpine 6x9's in the rear deck and Blaupunkt component in the doors. XM radio also. No amp or subs, I am dont really need to blow my windows out. The system sounds great and looks pretty good to. This post is not really to get input on my equipment choices, its more to just give some info. First, there aint much room in the car to put the XM box and the JVC control head, so I choose to mount them in the glove box, worked out really well. Also,the door speakers were 6.5's, Crutchfield says the will fit and include the little plastic rings to mount the speakers. Well lets say that the rings were to small for the speakers so I had to do alittle mod that the local sounds shop suggested. I took the orginal speak, and my trusty dremel and cut the guts out of the speaker. After you gut the speaker it makes a perfect spacer ring to mount the new speaker. Just drill a couple holes and you are in there. Everything else was a pretty good fit. Well thats about it, good project, not to hard and it sounds great. Thanks for reading , and i hope this will help someone.
  6. Well i figure when its time to change the struts i will give it some adjustables with a inch to inch and a half drop. That i do agreee with. I have toyed with and intermedite interior color, but i will have to wing that. Surely i cant loose the fart can, it sounds pretty good, and its tucked up under there , the pic makes it stick out a bit because of the angle. Just ordered a new head unit with XM , that my next project along with cutting in a scangauge II into the console. Thanks for the input so far.
  7. I changed them to photobucket, let me know if they still cant be viewed.
  8. I am putting some links to pics i have on myspace. Just looking to see what yall think about my 07. If you cant view the pics or if you can, could some post to let me know either way. Thanks. Ok the myspace thing did not work out. Lets try this.
  9. Fishexpo, That is a very cool link you sent me , thank you very much for that. I am not dead set on 18 x 7.5, i just want to go pretty big, not rub, have a good look, and just make the smart move, if you know what i mean. Thats why i am asking questions. Looking at the link, 45 is a big offset, it looks like it will stick everything in the wheelwell, and i am inclined to believe that i might rub. You dont happen to know the offset of the factory alum. 15 in wheel do you. Tire size is 195/65 15. I really dont like those websites that say this will fit and that will fit, but you know know what it will look like. I do like the Enkie RS7 rim though, maybe the 17x7 with 35mm offset. I guess i really need to get the factory rims offset to make a researched decision.
  10. I want it setup for Autocross, but a setup like that has many uses, wouldnt you think.
  11. Ok folks this is my question. Will this wheel fit on my 07 S, I want the edge of the wheel/tire to be even with the fender when looking down on the wheel well. I dont want it to stick out just be flush. From the info at the site it should fit on the car. Wheel Tire The tire is the recommended size from a TRD site I stubbled upon. Diameter of the tire is 25.08, stock diameter is 25.0 so that is pretty dang close so the speedo isnt off. I just want to know if it will fit and offset put me where I want to be. Any help or useful info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for everyones help.
  12. I dont know, i would say just to do what makes you happy, i love my rolla. I got it for 40 mpg though, but honestly, its a great car, and i hate to have anything that looks or sounds likes all the other cookie cutter models. You have to do to your ride what makes "you" feel good about it when you drive. Isnt that what car customizing is all about, I bet people that fix up the old VW bugs must get all kinds of crap any way, more power to you Cyber, i am with ya 100%
  13. I am a computer tech so the inside dont really get dirty. Now i drive about 80 miles a day, if you could tell me how to keep the dang bugs off the nose, that would be a really big help. White paint is really pretty and really pops, but is really hard to keep clean.
  14. I used the Duplicolor vinyl paint at first, just on the door switch panels for test. But the paint was flat to semi gloss. So i switched up and used Krylon Fusion. The fusion is more glossy, pretty much the look i wanted. Its been a week and no chips, looks like it will be pretty durable. I preped like this, pulled all that parts off and washed them with hot soapy water, just like doing dishes , after drying i scuffed them up with a scotchbrit paid, nothing shinny left on them, then i wiped them down with paint thinner just to be extra sure. Painting went well, I did put the paint can in hot water to warm it up that seemed to help alot also. Did about 5 light coats, no issues. Let it dry for about 5 hours and then installed everything back on the car. Thought about going higher , around the radio and such, but for now that will do. The shifter ball does remind me of the old school shift balls, lol, thats is just why i got it. That company is pretty good, the ball comes with the thread insert for the car, no set screws or nothing like that. I got the numbers and pattern black, my wife went after and painted the numbers red so they match the numbers on the dash nicely. Thanks for the responses. I was nervous about doing it because the car is pretty much brand new, but i like to be original All thats left is to get my wheels and tires.
  15. Hello everyone. I just wanted to share a couple of pics from my current project. I have a 07 Corolla S, nothing special. I wanted to add some accent to the interior to match the white body. It came out pretty good, just wanted to let everyone have a look. I like the way it turned out. I am not a pro by any means and didnt do anything radical. Also note that the shifter is the TWM short shifter. I love that shifter. The white ball i had special made from , well let me know what yall think, thanks for looking.