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  1. I had the Michelin X-Ice installed on these new wheels today. With just a taste of packed snow and ice to try, I have one thing to say, "WOW! I should have gotten something like this years ago!" I'm very impressed. They should give me the "edge" needed to be safe on slippery roads.
  2. Brendon, There are NO used steel wheels around. And, I'm not going to eBay. I don't want alloy or aluminum wheels. So, I am excited about getting these for $55 (each) - the shipping is $0. He was going to send them via UPS (at no extra charge). However, he is going to drop them off locally since he will be making deliveries near here on Wednesday - $0 charge.
  3. I found some at Kendall Auto Parts in Erie, PA. They are brand new and only $55 each delivered. Here is the phone # for others that may be interested: 1-800-898-7278. Thursday I'll have a set (4) of Michelin X-Ice tires mounted on these new rims. Then, it won't feel so slippery!
  4. I want to get a set (4) winter tires for my '04 Corolla. So, I'm looking for 4 steel rims to mount them on. Where is the best place to find them? I've had no luck at the wrecking yards around here. Thanks!
  5. Before I make this comment - - - We don't live in a big city. So, my mpg is much higher than would be normally gotten under those "city" conditions. However, I never get less than 37 mpg "in (my) town" and can easily get over 40 mpg. On trips I get 45+ mpg. 50 mpg has been elusive, but I still keep trying. And this is just a simple 2004 Corolla with a 5 speed.
  6. Thanks! Is there a drain plug or does the pan have to be dropped?
  7. But, isn't there a filter (etc.) that really needs changed as well?
  8. Our daughter just bought a 2004 Corolla. It looks exactly like mine (white exterior with tan interior). The only difference is that mine has a manual transmission and hers is an automatic. She is a few hours from us. I believe she is coming for a "short" visit this weekend. I'd like to change the transmission fluid (& filter). Can anyone give a detailed walk through it? Thanks ahead of time!
  9. My 2004 Corolla (purchased new) just started making this sound. Any suggestions? I have 32,000 miles on it.
  10. I've owned many different Michelin tires down through the years, including the X version. We currently have Hydroedge on my Corolla and the wife's LeSabre. In my opinion, the Hydroedge is the best tire yet. On wet roads, it really does "stick like glue."
  11. Give me a DUH! I was wrong. She has Bridgestones on her Corolla. Any feedback on them? (I think my Dad has Continentals on his new car)
  12. I have a friend who bought a 2004 Corolla the same time I got mine. Mine came with Badyear Integrity tires which I replaced. Her's came with Contintental tires. She's concerned because she knows my Badyears were junk. Anyone heard anything good or bad about the OE Continentals?
  13. Yep...I cast my vote for the Michelin Hydroedge. We have them on my wife's LeSabre and my Crayolla. They stick to the road like glue - even in rain. And, has already been mentioned, they wear a long time.
  14. I've been using a K&N air filter (off & on) for the past 15,000 miles. The reason I say "off & on" was because of a couple tests I did. I tried going back to the Toyota filter and was surprised. The K&N gives me more power and better mpg. Some have argued for more engine wear with the K&N. Since I have more power with the K&N, I shift sooner, therefore rpms are lower, and the engine actually may be wearing less.
  15. Corolla Hatch

    I thought I heard the Yaris was to be available here in the states this fall...