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  1. I agree with you Bikeman. Consumers should always punish manufacturers and service providers for poor service/products that the consumer spends their hard earned dollars on. Without the threat of that eventuality, most companies would gladly sell you crappy service/products because it is directly associated with keeping costs to a bare minimum and reaping higher profits at your expense. Those companies that are willing to invest some $$ to ensuring good service/products will always experience an overall higher return than those that cheap out and who eventually go out of business. I always expect and demand proper service/products for patronizing a company with my money. If they disagree, I move on to another that see's things different. Just my $ 0.02 but I digress................... So I got the semi-lemon back yesterday. As I thought, the starting issue was due to a bad battery but wanted to verify by having testing it using a voltmeter. The dealer tested it and sure enought it wasnt holding charge so I purchased one and brought it to them for replacement. What I thought sounded like an exhaust leak indeed was one, coming from a bad donut gasket. They swapped that out too and funny enough I wanted to see if they would charge me for it (I think they had evey right to since it was unrelated to the motor issues). Since day one I was working with the shop foreman and not any of the service reps but he was out test driving a car when I went to pick it up and I found the same young female who I had dealt with in the very beginning (who didn't know what a short block was and told me to hold while she yelled across the hall at someone else "Which one is the short block, the one in front or the one behind?" as I listened). She started to say ".....that will be...." while looking at her monitor to get a price and I shot her a glare that pretty much said if looks could kill. She stopped mid-sentence and said "I'll go get Sam" (shop foreman) and I replied "you go do that". A couple of minutes later she returns with him and he shakes my hand and offers me anything I wanted to drink "coffee, juice, water?"....I thanked him and told him I was ok, was just wondering if we were all set. He told me everything was completed, the car was washed and vaccumed and was ready. He also added that there would be no charge for the gasket or labor to install, thanked me again and said to ask for him if I came back for anything. I then left. It still won't make me ever buy a Toyota, but I think it was a worthy gesture.
  2. Interesting stories about Ford. My nightmare continues. I wasn't able to take the car in over the weekend due to work schedule and my mom calls me earlier today telling me the car starts at will and has now completely refused to start. She called triple A and when they got there it started initially but then refused to start and hasnt since. I told to her to tow it home and I will take it from there. I will be taking it in on Monday.
  3. I am definately never going to buy a new Toyota again. Peace of mind is key when making such a decision and I could never have that with a Toyota. The amazing thing is that the statement was repeated to me even at the corporate level. Corporate was basically just a tuning fork for the "big" dealer's ridiculous pitch about warranty coverage.
  4. The car wil be going back to the dealer next week. After picking it up I noticed the motor sounded a little weird, similar to the sound of an exhaust leak. I figured it had to do with break-in and would go away. Since then my mom told me it has gotten louder and the motor is experiencing hard-start when turning over. We'll see if they can figure out what is going on with their lemon.
  5. Even though you are right, I'm still pretty sore about dropping $ 3.5K for a motor that soon after purchasing a brand new vehicle. Adding it up, this is a pretty expensive vehicle being driven around right now. Just not what one expects from this brand (or any other for that matter).
  6. Indeed they do, but their attitude tells me they think they are the cool kid on the block and nothing can stop them. This dealer is so big, they are pretty much dictating to corporate what they will and will not do.I mean the shop foreman wouldn't even come out to talk to me when I went to pick up the car. He was paged three times and called on his radio but ignored the calls. They kept saying he is with a customer but his office was empty the whole time and no-one could find him in the shop. After waiting 40 minutes I told them to just bring the car around so I could leave. Other people who didn't know the background of the story just couldnt figure out why he wasnt responding to the pages or calls to his radio. I pulled one of the other managers aside and gave him the background, handed him the page from this thread and told him they need to watch out; pride comes before a fall. His face basically turned white when he saw the number of views the thread hads, and he told me to go inside with him and talk about it. I told him no, I had talked to all the senior managers at that dealer, the district manager and even corporate. My situation was a done deal as far as they were concerned but I will be spreading the word about it. He took my number and I left. I put it on Toyotanation. I will add it to 9th gen. This sounds like a good idea. How would I send it around though, like an e-mail?
  7. Going to pick up the car in a couple of hours. Wanted to bump this to the top so I can print out the first page showing them the number of people that are aware of this situation. Not that it will do much, but I will be distributing it to the managers at the dealership as a parting gift.
  8. The timing chain isnt due until 90K. Their story is a bunch of BS, its like saying your pistons failed at 66K due to normal wear and tear. I actually drive a Subaru whose timing belt isnt due for change until 105K. I'm currently at 120K with the original one and will be changing it soon, but its still going strong. Yeah, I think Iwill write to some consumer agencies just to put the word out. The car is fixed, I'll be picking it up this weekend and putting it up for sale.
  9. But alas it wasn't to be. Heard back from the executive office and the decision is that the 50% stands and they will not be offering anything more. They went a step further and told me that even if the vehicle was under warranty they would not have covered repairs because they have classified the sprocket wheel failure as a "wear item" and not covereable under the vehicles warranty....WTF????? I mean its one thing to say the vehicle is out of warranty, we aren't going to cover it, but to say that it wouldn't have mattered if the vehicle was under warranty? Wow. So I asked him Toyota could then basically refuse to honor any warranty claim no matter the cause, by claiming the damage was from wear and tear? "Yes, if they determine that failure was indeed caused by a wear and tear item". That is mind blowing! I didn't tell him this, but if this vehicle was under warranty and they came back with that response, this would not be over, not by a long shot. We would go right to arbitration and on to civil court without skipping a beat. That was the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard. He then stated that their technical teams stated that the sprocket wheel wear could have been caused by low engine oil levels. I told him that was impossible, the vehicle had never measured low on oil at any change interval and even when it was towed to the dealer the first thing they did was check the oil and found it adequate. "Sorry, there is nothing more we can do, we are extending the 50% only because your mom is a life long customer, otherwise we wouldnt cover this damage at all in other cases". He told me that pictures of the damage were sent to their national technical service and that all three levels of technicians (dealership, region and Toyota technical service line) all stated that the damage would not be covered under warranty. If there was a slimmer of hesitation about leaving Toyota, it has just been permanently erased. I hope nobody out there has similar engine failure within or outside of their warranty (doesn't matter which I guess) but in the unfortunate event that they do, here's a case study of what might happen. Thouroughly disgusted.
  10. I have read this thread with great interest. I would think Toyota would want to keep every customer happy. Let us know if they decide to cover more than 50%. Their reputation is on the line. I guess I had the wrong David. On voicemail he sounded like like the District Manager but they just share the same name. He was calling me from the executive office in Torrance and when I asked him his title he told me that he was an executive assistant but wouldn't say for who. He told me that they had received my second letter and that they were talking to the "region" and would get back to me. I guess the region is higher than the District? It was very cryptic but he said he would call me once he had something for me. This is just a hunch on my part but my letter to the big-wigs in NY might have been sent down to some "smaller" big-wig in Torrance to handle. Anyway he stated (I've heard this for the nth time now) that they typically don't cover 100% in such cases and i told him I had been told that and asked what was the next best thing for a loyal customer was. I explained to him the 75% that was mentioned early on in the proceedings and he said he would get back to me. We shall see.
  11. Thanks guys. So they received this entire post that I mailed to them on Friday. Today I get a call from customer service call center saying to call them back. Two minutes later I get a direct call from the district manager saying he's calling from "Toyota executive office". I wasn't able to call him back right away (I was at work) and I called him late afternoon. Got his VM and left a message. I haven't heard back yet. Will wait to see what tomorrow brings. I agree with you guys totally. Quality is supposed to be the motto and model of Toyota and even though EVERY manufacturer will get one off incidents, their handling of this one leaves alot to be desired. The new motor is being dropped in as we speak; it didn't sound to me like they were really concerned with getting to the root cause of the failure. I'll keep you posted.
  12. Thanks Jay. Not giving up yet; I think you are right on the money as far as their future success.
  13. I didnt try another dealer because the vehicle was already at this one and I owed them money for tearing down the motor to find the problem. I agree wholly on the customer service - or lack thereof - displayed by Toyota. Thanks for your comments.
  14. I know not there isn't a perfect vehicle manufacturer out there and even the best vehicles fail from time to time, but it's how the company handles the issue when it happens. We had actually requested 75% coverage on the replacement motor because a different manager at Toyota had told us that he had seen them cover that much on a different issue, but that was denied. I am definately not saying that all Toyota's are bad and will end up this way, in fact we are testament from my prior post that they do indeed make good products overall. I just can't fathom patronizing them with my business after this. I am not giving up but I'm not holding my breath either. I mailed this thread to them Friday and will wait to see what that elicits. Many thanks to you and everyone else for all the comments, I will post any new deveopments.