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  1. I searched on ebay for my bolt on and I'm pretty impressed. It was around 150 buck with shipping and super easy to install. Since I have a resinator on my car it doesn't have that ricey sound, it's more like a nice bassy sound.
  2. I've got a red top in my 05 le and it works perfect. I'm using it to power a 700 watt amp that I'm running 2 12's to. I got mine for 100 bucks but I heard that the price just went up and I'm not sure of the cost but it's worth the investment for anyone who's thinking about installing afermarket electronics(unless you wanna get jumped after a few hours of the engine not running).
  3. I have recently noticed that my '05 Rolla LE is a little sluggish off the line. I was possibly thinking that my fuel injectors need to be cleaned but other than that I have no clue. Any suggestions?
  4. I bought a direct bolt on from ebay that's pretty ricer and it was only like 135 bucks