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  1. Hate to see that someone is trying to take advantage of you... Hope they payup + an advance on the remaining work. I know you'd like to finish what you started.
  2. My 07 S is just like that too. I guess that the chrome tip that is available for our cars will curve the tip so that it faces out the rear. A needless expense to me, but some folks like them. BTW: I really do like the Altis spoiler you have on your trunk lid.
  3. I too, can't wait to replace the OEM tires on my 07. I'll be getting a set of Yokohama YK520s for the Corolla. I put a set of Yokos on my wife's Honda Odyssey and love them, as well as some on my 02 Nissan Frontier. Check 'em out, they're well regarded. George
  4. Me too, 21 1/2 years. The closest I ever got to "Vandyland" was while I was stationed at Onizuka AS, a bit north of you in the SF Bay area.
  5. You keep teasing me with that Riv in the background (we chatted about it before)... So, if I show up at 2:00 am one night, will you help me hook up some chains, and I'll tow it away - to a better home (mine)? Back on subject, it's always interesting to read your posts. Good luck.
  6. Good luck on the repairs - I do enjoy reading your posts!
  7. If you wanna save some gas, just make sure your tires are inflated, cars in a good state of tune, ft end aligned, take out the 150 lbs of "stuff" from the trunk, and, good driving happits! Smooth acceleration and braking, and try not to speed (over the limit). Well, that's my .02!
  8. Is that a 67 Buick Riviera in your neighbor's driveway? With a 430 cid, 360 hp Wildcat powered stump-pullin' V8 under the hood? Bikeman, sorry for the tangent, but I love old Buicks... George
  9. Seems I'm about to go off topic a bit... so, Brendon, I'd like to "hear" more about your car... George
  10. Heh... There's an Odyssey in my garage too...
  11. Thanks all, that's the info I was looking for. As an aside, how do you disable the DRLs?
  12. My car is just a few months old and I want to keep it looking as nice as I can, for as long as I can. I've seen several older year cars, same generation as mine with already yellowed or hazy headlights. Do any of you have a method to keep them clear and nice looking? Geo
  13. I'm a bit under-whelmed with the sun visors...
  14. Dang-it! I was afraid of that - but thanks for the answers. Before I bought my Corolla, I drove several other cars in the same class. Yup, that included the Civic. While the Civic had a much more loaded list of advanced features, I didn't like it. It also cost 2K more... although they (Honda) offered me $1,500 more for my truck than Toyota. In the end, I bought the car that I like and fit the best in. Still, no ABS, MP3 support and no beep when I use my remote! Oh well, I'm happy with what I have. Geo
  15. With the OEM remote (on my 07) is there a way that I can get the horn to beep when I do this? To date, this is the only car that I have had that was not programed to do that when you use the remote. I guess I have gotten rather used to hearing the horn giving a quick beep when I hit the locks. Thanks for your answers, George