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  1. if you want a ricer sound, buy an ebay muffler and get an exhaust shop to weld it on, or replace stock piping with custom piping. Shouldn't be much more than 150 altogether.
  2. 90mph on the hwy, i would never take it above with the crappy tires it has on there. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAay tooo dangerous.
  3. ok, toyota advertises their mpg 30city/40hwy with a 13.2gal tank. my brand new corolla 5speed manual transmission, i've been driving from full to near empty should therefore at least get 390 miles per tank. I've been only getting about as much as 360miles and i drove half city and half hwy. its not like i overrev my car, i drive like a near grandma never passing 3,000rpm some occasional 4,000rpm to get on the hwy and whatnot. What is everybody else getting?