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  1. Is Toyota the world's most valued brand? That’s what “BranZ™” claims, in association with Kantar. Take this with a grain of salt, though. The company reported that Toyota was the world’s most valued brand, by far, workt $28 billion. Mercedes and BMW were #2 and #3, at #21 billion each. Tesla came in just above Ford, $11 billion to $10 billion, followed by Honda (also at $10 billion). However, the validity of the listing may be a little questionable; Nissan, whose reputation is in disarray, came in at $7 ($9 billion), beating Audi ($7 billion), not to mention corporate brandmates Volkswagen and Porsche ($6 billion each). Fiat, Chrysler, Alfa Romeo, Chevrolet, Ferrari, Buick, Cadillac, and Maserati did not make the list at all.
  2. Toyota is recalling certain 2019-2020 RAV4 and 2020 RAV4 Hybrid vehicles with electric power steering because water can get into the system and cause a loss of power steering. The recall is expected to begin in mid-August; the internal reference is 20TB11 and 20TA11, while the U.S. federal number is 20V-373. Only 46 vehicles are affected, and it seems no other vehicles used that part. The issue was a missing or loose screw. It only affects cars made from July 2, 2019 through February 11, 2020. The bad parts were supplied by Bosch, and were made in Kentucky.
  3. It's almost certainly a coolant leak, but it might not be. Pop the hood and start the car. See if the compressor is working, or if the pulley is just spinning and the compressor isn't doing anything. If the compressor appears to be working, you probably have a simple issue with a vent system door not opening or some such. However it's probably an a/c refrigerant leak. If that's the case, you are indeed right to be worried. I would not have the dealer fix this as their rates tend to be very high, on the lighter side they have the right equipment. A dedicated a/c place would also have the right equipment with hopefully lower rates. A good indie mechanic, too, should be set up to fix this. Air conditioning is big bucks to fix, most of the time, as you fear. However, Toyota "might" stand behind it since the car is still practically new, and the dealership "might" cut the price because the car might have had that problem when they sold it to you.
  4. Pioneer makes great stereos. For the over-bass I'd see if you have another woofer in the trunk you can disconnect.
  5. My own XRS review ->
  6. Battery anxiety shouldn't be an issue. Entune 3 sounds like it needs some more upgrades. It just came out, so hopefully they'll fix it. Weird that the transmission is so loose. Honestly I've only driven the hybrid versions so far. I'm trying to find a Corolla SE6MT (I think that's the designation) but no dealer in the area stocks one.
  7. That's pretty bad but not unusual. Might still be the battery though. Sometimes with a cheap set of jumpers and a bad battery you can't get enough current through.
  8. It's been 16 years, I wonder how satisfied newfie was...
  9. I've seen them going for $16,000 from rental places. Definitely a deal.
  10. See for the full story! Side note: Yes, we will have coverage here, but there's a lot to get done first.
  11. I know this is not even a Toyota but if you want a good cheap car, I have a 2004 Saturn with just 84,000 miles, GM 2.2 engine, automatic, beige inside and out. It's a decent car with nice handling and enough power to get by. No a/c. Asking $1500 but will consider offers. Northeast NJ. It's my son's car and he's going off to college.
  12. I don't think the transmission works that way. How old is the fluid, and is it definitely the right fluid? Still the right color? Still the right level? My first thought is often the fluid, since that tends to be what goes bad. The other question is how old the filter is. Over time the filter can get clogged and cause weird problems, even on an electronically control transmission. My other thought is to reset the transmission, which is an electronic/adaptive type (like just about all of them today). Maybe it got into bad habits! Not sure but I think the method is to cut power to the powertrain computer for a while. Then retrain it when you reconnect it.
  13. Take out the four bolts... I haven't had that problem or a '90 Corolla. What about an angled open ended wrench or one of the ones with a sorta displaced head?
  14. I've fixed a raft of issues yesterday and today, including the reply boxes not working. Sorry for the rocky restart.
  15. Yes, it’s Dave, (yet) again. Welcome to Corolland. As I shop for a 2020 6MT, enjoy the coverage of past Corollas... or pop by for more...
  16. Hi... its me, Dave. I’m back. Though I personally love Xenforo, given financial considerations, we're going to be moving back to the old software soon. I'll set up links for the most popular posts here, but if you don't find what you want, try (though not today) ... thanks.
  17. RockAuto might also have them. My discount code which you can use is 131822470122531130 That said, Philips makes good bulbs. I found that AC/Delco bulbs were actually a pricier German brand, sold at much lower prices, and they were brighter than stock without running hotter. (A tip from Daniel Stern of danielsternlighting).
  18. I've done it too. Not on a Corolla but on a similar vintage car.
  19. I wonder, do you figure having wind turbines or solar panels doing it in their “off-times” (when the grid doesn't need the power) would reduce the cost of providing hydrogen? Seems to me we have a methane problem re global warming, and our antiquated grid can't spin up and shut down coal, natural gas, or nuclear plants easily, so the renewables are often shut off; this could resolve both issues.
  20. I started with Plymouth, moved to Chevy, ran away screaming, back to Plymouth... but when my job was 55 miles away, I went to Toyota. Gas mileage, comfort, and reliability became very important! So was a high resale value.
  21. Pretty cool feature. I'd have thought that would be done by the computer but it's still cool
  22. I thought about it but still haven't bitten. I am curious about them too. I want a 6MT but no local dealer stocks them.
  23. January U.S. sales included a 5.5% sales gain at Toyota and 13% at Lexus, thanks to strong light truck sales, which rose by 11%. Traditional cars (sedans and coupes) fell by 1.1%. The Prius Prime, RAV4, Highlander, and Lexus RX all set records for January U.S. sales. The total was 146,244 Toyotas (up from 138,601 in January 2019), and 19,621 Lexii, for 165,865 combined. More Toyota news...