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  1. I couldn't find way to check timing on my scanner, and couldn't find any specs in my manual or online. But here is strangest thing, at least to me and a few people that I spoke to. The car now starts fine and does not knock. I really thought that was it for this engine with 266,000 miles. It sounds at least to me, normal. It accelerates fine. One thing I did notice is when it was knocking, the scanner did pick up a pending PO303, # 3 cylinder misfire code. I dont know how long that code was pending. I did clear it and it did not come back yet. I changed the oil and filter, thinking that maybe somehow the existing oil which was the first synthetic change had something to do with it. it was real dirty. Maybe i should have changed it a lot sooner. Any input on this is appreciated. bxkid
  2. Thanks, I will try and check timing with my OBD tester. Since I am away till tomorrow, I dont know if my tester is capable of checking timing, its about 4 years old and fairly basic. Can all scanners check for timing? Thanks
  3. Could be the issue? I started Engine again but its really knocking. Guess I have to call tow truck or maybe I'll take a chance and drive it to mechanic that 3 miles down road. :o . Not use to this because this car has been so reliable all these years!!!
  4. Hello, Any opinions will be appreciated. Started car after a few days Car started after 3 attempts. Now there is a constant knock in engine at idle. Oil level good. No red lights on dashboard yet. 2003 with 260,000 Thanks!
  5. Hello, I have a 99 Camry with 112,000 Miles and inspection coming up. P1780 code showing Park Neutral safety switch problem. Cleared code but came back at 101 miles. Wiring looks good in trunk area, at wires along conduit. There is a crimp repair on white wire in trunk, but looks secure. I guess previous owner had issue. Cleaned connector on Neutral safety switch before clearing code. All lights work correctly. Car starts in park and neutral, but not in other gear settings. No other error lights on except check engine light. Here in Delaware, they will not pass inspection unless check engine light is out! Thanks for any advice on this matter. Bxkid
  6. I'm ready to change to synthetic Mobil 1 (5-30W) at 255,000 for my 2003! Im changing back to the Toyota brand filter. Anyone think it might be bad to stretch oil change interval to 10,000 with the filter? Thx
  7. Now if you were talking about Fish from Barney Miller, he's gone, RIP Abe Vigoda! Sorry, just couldn't resist mentioning such a great actor.
  8. Fishexpo, Called local toyota parts dealer, i ordered a service connector and wire. Actually the wiring broke off at connector so wire is in good shape, and they said I just need to solder in place. Thx!
  9. Hello, I have a 2003, and horn stopped working. Of course I was surprised to see the single wire dangling and not connected to horn, and connector still connected to horn. I guess I need new harness with that connector included with it but cant find anything online. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks! Larry K
  10. Only reason I would use synthetic is to decrease intervals, thus saving time and helping the environment.
  11. I went on the Toyota website, and they do say its OK to use Synthetic for my 03, but just as long as I change it every 5000 miles, which is same interval for the Conv.10W30! Why in the world would they advise that interval? Are they in cahoots with the Synthetic oil manufacturers?
  12. Hi, This may not be the best place to post this but cant find much on the web about this issue. Bought a 2010 Used Matrix which I thought was a good deal , with the unfortunate addition of an aftermarket moon roof. When I go over dips on the road there is a creaking noise coming from the moon roof area. This happens with it is opened or closed. Thx for any ideas! Larry K
  13. Hello, Just looking through this Pep Boys ad, and I am wondering if it would be worth it ($22.99 for 5qt jug on sale) to start using Synthetic in my 2003 Corolla? I never used it before! Whats the latest on this oil? Would it be beneficial to the car, environment, etc to start using it. I think the 03 manual actual does not recommend it although I could be wrong. What would be the interval time in changing this oil? Thanks for any input! Larry K
  14. Update They still have not received any parts for this recall, so its still on hold.