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  1. I bought it at the dealership for 1.72.. cant beat that.
  2. If you follow the brake pedal up, there is the brake switch. It has a metal plunger that hits a cushion. When you push the pedal this switch plunger comes out and lights come on. The cushion is plastic, and after 20 plus years, it broke. It is a plastic piece that fits in a little hole. The hole is the same size as the plunger, so when it broke, the plunger is always out, causing the brake lights to stay on, Here is the 1.72 part at the dealership. Same part on Amazon up to 20 bucks. Toyota 90541-06036
  3. Mine broke last night. Is there a Dorman or part number that I can use to get one at a parts store. I know its late, but i need the car tomorrow.. Thanks
  4. Well, I had bearings replaced in my 02, and the only thing left is the half shafts. Any recommended brand that is remotely in same league as OEM? Thanks
  5. I am going to be replacing a bad bearing on my 2002 S. But, I am hearing stories of bad bearing companies, like Moog, Federal etc. And that the only worthy companies are Timken and SKF. What data is supported in saying the other companies no longer produce good bearings? I opened a Moog box, and there was an SKF bearing in it. I opened a Timken box and it too had a SKF. I personally always used Timken in my Vette, 93, and the load on the rears was heavy during auto cross, and they seemed to easily last for a couple seasons, vice needing two for other off brands I could find in Hawaii. So, in your opinion, is a Moog, SKF, and Timken going to be fine in a 170000 mile work car? Or is there really something that proves otherwise. Thanks
  6. I will change the fluid. Not enough time to do the rack change.
  7. My tires are at 35psi, michelins from 2012. Might need to lower pressure to 32.
  8. I have noticed a strange steering issue. The steering gets really light when turning. Not all the time, but as of late it has happened a couple times. Weather is around 85, and there is no noise that says anything is going on, and no leaks. Any idea what this may be? Car has 164000 miles, and the fluid has been changed twice by me overtime and is full, and I am original owner.
  9. I checked the torque, 161 ft/lbs on my wrench. I then put both front tires in the back. I thin it moved the problem.. need to do some more driving. I only did a short distance on Highway..
  10. Need to check torque as front cv shaft is moving in and out, and want to check specs on everything in there. It was just replaced a while ago.
  11. Fixed rattle noise, as I knew it would as it replaced the broke hydraulic part. It needed to be trimmed by the top where the tensioner 12mm bolt goes, so it would be flush and allow proper torque. Also, you need a 60-100 dollar tool, MILLER TOOL 8433A DECOUPLER REMOVER INSTALLER. Dont kid yourself, it makes installing the alternator pulley required with this kit to go on. Taking the pulley off is easy with impact wrench, or take the alternator off and take it to any parts store. They will take it off for free. Keep the pulley and nut for future use, if you plan on going back to old design... Overall good fit, no issues so far. The cap for the new pulley must be installed as it is a cover to prevent grease from coming out of the new pulley. Car is very quiet now. winter time will be the big test, as I am a stickler for underhood engine noises. With this design, i may be able to replace the spring over time, if it goes bad.
  12. Well I moved the injector, and the problem didnt move. I then decided to check plugs. Well, that cylinder was full of water. When I pulled the coil it was saturated. I think I found the issue, it may have been when I powerwashed the engine. I hope I didnt ruin the coil. I need to test it, if there is a simple test to check.. Suggestions?
  13. I am going out of town for a few months. I figure since injectors Ohmd good, but when disconnected nothing changed I immediately went to bad injector. I will do another quick listen to it as it is going in storage here in the house while I travel. I honestly think it is bad, but you never know. I will get four good ones and replace them. I have never seen cracked injectors like this, even though it is the housing, you just cant expect the housing to protect or hold together the injector, as it has some formal function too.