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  1. Thanks Dom. I appreciate the feedback. Jay in MA
  2. Hi Guys, It's been a while since I last posted. I come here for an answer as I consider Corroland to be the best source for facts concerning Toyotas. I have a 2000 Camry 4 cylinder that I'm pouring miles onto. I bought it 3.5 years ago at 119K and now have 240K. Pretty good car but still not as good as the 95 Corolla. I've checked around and haven't gotten a definitive answer on this question. Does this Camry have a separate drain and fill for the differential? As always, thanks. Jay in MA ...still missing my old gen 7 Corolla.
  3. Thanks for the hard work 99. I haven't owned my Corolla for 3 years and am just stopping by for a visit but wanted to note that this is one of the best forums I belonged to. A lot of good people on here with good infomation and advice. Good luck and good health, Jay in MA
  4. Old Toyotas are going for crazy money here. A friend's gave his well used 2000 Camry to his older daughter. She drove it for a long time and then gave it to her sister. 290K miles, V6, auto, stuffed in the front, tree fell through the back window. They advertised it in Craigslist for $600 and ended up getting $1800.
  5. That's a lot of parts replaced. Don't rule out the possibility of a bad part right out of the box...especially the plugs and wires. Good luck, Jay in MA
  6. Sorry it took so long to reply. This whole transaction was really weird and I did wonder what the motivation was for this guy to buy and ship to Afghanistan. If you read the whole article it describes how inflated the prices are for the Corollas. My car at $650 was probably considered a decent car over there. Apparently the parts are plentiful, mechanics are well versed on repairing them and of course the 7th gen is "bullet proof". I don't have any contact info but if you were to advertise in the Boston Craiglist you will be bombarded with replies. Jay
  7. When I had my 95, people used to walk by, point and laugh. The right engine mount took care of that. If you know anybody that administrates this site,you might want to tell them that using gmail as an autoresponder will require coding if Google forces them to change their mail password.And if they tell you they had problems using this domain, they need to edit their MX records.
  8. I sold my old 95 with 290K miles last summer to a guy who said it was going to be his son's car but won't be old enough to drive it for a while. The whole transaction smelled kinda fishy. The address provided was a pier in Boston and I had a friend of mine flat bed it for him for a reasonable price. My friend knew one of the guys there and asked what was up with this car. He said it was going to Kabul Afghanistan. I sold it for $650 and I believe he said it was going to cost $2200 to ship. Good market for these old Corollas over there. Jay in MA
  9. The car was sold. I had 35 emails before I could get back onto CraigsList to mark it as sold. I hope I don't regret getting rid of this car. I wanted to see if I could get it to 500K. Jay in MA
  10. I'll be taking this car off the road at the end of May when the inspection expires. The car has a lot of miles but still runs great. I still drive it 115 miles per day at 75 to 80 MPH. The reason I'm advertising now is so that someone can drive it on the road prior to buying and get a feel for what a good car it is even with the miles. I recently bought a 2000 Camry to replace the Corolla but if I had known what the Camry was going to be like I would have put the money into the Corolla instead. I'm upside down on the Camry now so I have to get rid of the Corolla and bring the Camry back to a point that I feel I can drive it another 200K miles with minimal repairs. I could keep both but need a truck for around town.....that's another story. So..... 1995 Corolla DX •286,000 miles, 1.8 liter engine, 3 speed automatic transmission with overdrive •AM / FM cAssette radio, power windows, power door locks, air conditioning, alarm system, factory rear spoiler •Runs great and everything works except for the cigarette lighter. Doesn't burn oil. Still gets 38 to 40MPG in the warmer months and I think it might actually have more pep now than it did at 105K miles. Body has no dents and is just starting to show some rust. NEEDS •Front main crankshaft seal replaced •Axle seal replaced •Rear brakes replaced •Rear struts replaced •Timing belt, accessory belts, plugs •Tires are due to be replaced but I have 4 Dunlops with great tread included. •Cigarette lighter does not work MOST RECENT REPAIRS •Front calipers, rotors and pads •Right front engine mount •Radiator I have all of the repair history since 105K miles I have a couple of pictures here from when I got it at 105K miles. Price is $650 as is. Car is sold as is. Bike would like this car. Jay in MA
  11. You might try loosening all of the mounting bolts (not just thru bolts), dropping the engine into its "home" position and then tightening them all.
  12. The correct sized socket and the appropriate length extension will get you up there easily from under the car. Work a little PB Blaster into the threads first and you shouldn't have any trouble. I would also suggest a Haynes manual....$25 and worth the money, especially if you're new to this. Good luck, Jay in MA I inherited a 1997 Corolla with 1.6L engine/auto transmission from my wife. The car has almost 200k mi on it. After replacing the front struts (they were original) and a catalytic converter that had a hole in it, the car got quieter, but it still vibrates at idle when cold. So I'm thinking of replacing the engine mounts, starting with the front passenger one. Am I correct that there're 2 nuts that somehow need to be accessed from under the car in order to remove the mount? If so, how did you go about removing them - the space seems a bit tight. -gt Anyone?
  13. Go look in your junk pile. Most if not all harmonic balancers are damped with rubber. If the rubber loses its bond with both pieces the pulley will spin on the hub. The hub was spinning with the crank and the pulley was not ....hence NO belts were moving. I've had the crank pulleys off of the Corollas and have never had any problem...not nearly as difficult as the Camrys for some reason. Never need to jam the flywheel or use a puller. This one was just not going to come in those junk yard conditions. It was a mess anyways...I really didn't want it that bad. It is temporary............
  14. Not so much thickened the rubber...the nails are jammed in there just to keep the two parts from spinning. It's temporary.......
  15. Hi Bike, I nailed the belts to the pulley :-) No just kidding, I needed something to keep the pulley section of the balancer from spinning on the inner "hub" of the balancer. Normally the rubber would be adhered to both pieces and keep the pulley section from spinning freely. By driving the nails through the rubber at 4 equally spaced locations the pulley can now drive the accessories and is still pretty well balanced from what I can tell. The fact that they went through with some difficulty ensured that they were going to stay in there for a while. Jay in MA What did the nails do? Did they keep the belt on the balancer, or keep the balancer together or...?