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  1. The clock in our 2003 Corolla started shutting down intermittently and eventually gave up the ghost for good. After looking around here and other forums and finding that they wanted hundreds (2-4?) for a new one at the dealer and even a fair chunk at the wreckers (if you can find it), I ended up finding this guy: $29.50 + initial shipping, he fixed it up, sent it back and good as new. To get the clock out, pull the fan speed dial straight out and remove the phillips head screw. There are two screws at the bottom of the console you can remove if you want, but you can squeeze the clock out without it if you're careful. Pull outwards on the console, unplug the clock, unsnap it from the face and you're good to go.
  2. Shoot, thought I had it listed in the sig. 2003 CE try ebay! does that look like it? Hmm, I did try it but didn't see that one. Doesn't look to be the same as mine though. I'll have to keep an eye on Ebay though! Thanks
  3. Shoot, thought I had it listed in the sig. 2003 CE
  4. My clock started shutting off intermittently and seems to be off for good now. From what I understand, the part at the dealer is pretty expensive. Anyone out there have one or maybe saw one at the local boneyard that I could buy off them? Thanks in advance
  5. Approximately 130,000km Noise is intermittent. Doesn't matter what speed or driving conditions, will just happen once in a while. Noticed today that it'll stop under braking though. Not whistling, more like whirring. First thought was brakes dragging or wheel bearing but wasn't sure. Felt the wheel/hub for temp after driving for about an hour today, no different than other side. I believe it started after putting the winter tires back on (not sure, I'm not the one that normally drives it). And no, it's not the different tread that I'm hearing. Will have some time this weekend to pull the wheels off and see if anything is obvious
  6. Took a trip with the car, have a new noise. Intermittent. Sort of a whirring, seems to be coming from the front drivers side. Only hear it when I'm on the gas. Goes away if I take my foot off. Crappy description, but any ideas? Thanks!
  7. Saw this Corolla in the paper and a quick search on the net found some pics of it.. Just wondernig what you guys think of it and the price?? General Information Year: 1990 Make: Toyota Model: Corolla Ext Color: Blue Int Color: Blue Transmission: Standard Drivetrain: Front Wheel Drive Engine: 4 Cyl Doors: 2 Door Odometer: 249000 Price: $1800 CND Condition: Good Sporty, reliable car. Cheap on gas & runs excellent. Service records dating back to 1999 included. Selling because we need a four door family car. Interior is very clean and in great shape. Some rust around back wheel wells. Kilometers are highway miles, lady driven. All in all it is a great car - must see! Corolla]
  8. I've got an 03 with approx. 60000km on it, only problems so far has been rattling (dash above gauge cluster and passenger door/glass) and seems to have a wandering idle.
  9. I believe we pay about 1800CND a year (with about a 75% of full discount). They jacked it up (was 1650 the first year) because it's apparently one of the most commonly crashed vehicles in my province
  10. I've found this section off the site to be helpful in drawing up a maintenance schedule (as my owners manual isn't very clear on what needs to be done) If you plug in lower kms (starting at say 30k) you'll see what you've missed along the way too. I just realized that all the mileage on this site is listed as kilometres, so you might want to check Good luck!
  11. This is the one that I got. He says it's the last one but he's BS'ing, he just burns it onto a CD. He's removed some of the folders in the CD, but says it's all irrelevant information removed (ie. indexes, etc) and from looking through the files, I believe it. It seems pretty complete. What is gmail?
  12. Good stuff. According to the articles with the CD, the new features in 2004 are: - new exterior color added (beige mica metallic) - diagnostic trouble codes made to correspond with SAE controlled codes - shift mechanism of manual tranny (C59) tweaked to improve operation - map light circuit added onto integration relay to prevent it from draining battery if accidentally left on It comes in a .pdf format, but I don't have anyplace to host it. It's about 28MB when it's compressed... anyone have some room?
  13. I bought a FSM off of ebay (CD-R) and it seems to be pretty complete. Just wondering if anyone else might be in need of it? It's for 2004, but I bought it for a 2003. I would imagine that the 2005 edition isn't too much different. If interested, please email me at:
  14. At what point should the timing belt be replaced? (2003 Corolla) I would imagine that if you've been driving it as is for the past year or so, another couple days won't hurt it. If something does go wrong in the span of the next couple days, you have the worst luck EVER

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