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  1. I had checked the timing belt, and no problems there. I'll let y'all know what we find.
  2. I thought it may have been the fuel pump, but it didnt make a difference. The mechanic friend said it was an "electrical problem". Whatever that means. Now a bad relay may the culprit. I visual inspection of the fuses didn't bring to light anything. I couldn't check the relays and will give that a shot.
  3. Hello! I am very new to this land/board. I searched for other threads, but failed to find any about similar issues. I left my 1999 Corolla(120k miles) at the airport for 6 days in freezing weather. When I returned I drove home without incident. The next morning, as I was about to get a bite to eat the car died about 100 yards from my driveway. Turning the key would crank the starter, but nothing happened in the engine. I checked the oil, it was lower than the last dot so I put some more in, and I checked fuses. Still baffled, I checked the return fuel line to see if any fuel was coming out of the engine. There wasn't any trace of fuel, so I thought maybe it was the fuel pump. Apparently for the 1999 the fuel filter is bundled with the pump. I then brought the car into a mechanic who spent a few hours tracking down the problem, eventually saying it is an electrical problem and that he is 95% sure it needs a new computer. I am assuming he means the engine control computer. Has anyone had a computer go bad on them? Have they experienced a similar situation where the car suddenly dies? The car really hadn't warmed up (still freezing weather) before I drove it. It seems so odd that I got home fine from the airport the night before, only to have it die the next morning! The shop quoted me $300 for a used computer and $1200 for a new one. I found a salvaged one on ebay for $100. We are waiting for it to arrive. Do the quoted prices seem reasonable?