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  1. I want to put a hitch on my '01 CE to tow a small bike trailer. Who has a Hidden Hitch or a Drawtitie hitch on their car? What's involved in the installation (ie. bolt-up or cutting/drilling involved)? I want something that just bolts up instead of having to cut into the frame rails. Also, if anyone can recommend some places online to buy this stuff then i'll really appreciate it.
  2. CAI on a turbo car won't give you any gains. The turbo will heat up whatever air you pull in, no matter how cold, hence the use of an intercooler.
  3. Around here, xBs tend to be driven by high school kids that imediately put some kind of graphics and chrome rims on them while the xAs are driven by 'grown-ups'. The tC really is replacing the Celica as i only see either high shcool girls or college kids driving them (not a put-down, just an observation). the Scions also don't appeal to me since I see through Toyota's BS marketing and look at the cars for what they really are.
  4. I'd keep the Corolla until it died (or was too expensive to keep on the road) and save up for something better than an xA. Scions are geared towards teens and people looking for basic transportation; nothing wrong with that but you already have a Corolla.
  5. softer doesn't necessarily mean more comfortable. the stock seats are already too soft, IMO. the problem is that they don't have enough support in the right places, and lack adjustability like seats in higher-end cars.
  6. Rear Struts

    They're trying to rob you blind. Go to Tirerack's site, look under "recommended installers" and put in your zipcode. Start making calls and getting quotes, and stay away from dealerships or big chain places like Firestone/Goodyear if you can.
  7. Not to nitpick, but all HID retrofit kits are not legal in the US, just like all those "Altezza" tailights are not legal either. If it doesn't have a DOT number stamped on it, it's not legal. Now can those products--in this case HID lights--still be used and do people still use them? Absolutely. It's not cheating if you don't get caught, right? It's up to each individual to determine if they're willing to take the risks and accept whatever possible outcome. In my case, I researched the pluses and minuses of using HID retrofit kits as well as looked for the best made kit i was willing to afford to minimize whatever risks. You're right about the warranty issue, which is why i personally feel the manufacturer's warranty is completely worthless because it can be voided at any time and for any reason by the dealer. As far-fetched as the experiences of your fellow Mazda3 owners sound, i don't doubt it. I've known about people with Subaru WRX STis that also have had to produce their window stickers or dealer pamphelts to avoid a ticket for their stock exhaust.
  8. HID kits are expensive, they blind other drivers because they aren't properly engineered like factory HID lamps, and they will void your warranty. HIDs are more than bulbs, they are a ballast system and wiring. It requires a lot more juice to run. If you install them on a Corolla, you'll get pulled over time and time again because no police officer is going to believe a Corolla has HIDs as a factory feature. We have enough trouble with that on a Mazda3. They are factory on that car, and people have to pull out their window sticker to prove it to a police officer to avoid a ticket. They won't void your warranty, that's ridiculous. They also they do not pull more power; they have their own power inverter. You'll probably get pulled over only if you have those stupid "deep purple" or "deep blue" HID kits that are sold on Ebay, and that's sort of a big 'If' that is highly dependent on where you live. It's true that regular aren't optimally designed for HID lights, but that's doesn't mean you can't use them. Aim the headlights down a bit or even make an aditional shield for the HID bulb to get better light cutt-off. I've used HID lights on my '01 since 2002. Best mod I've ever done for the car. I can see very well and never had a problem (knock on wood) with getting pulled over because of it. Mine are also 4300K which is just white light.
  9. Get a new car. Not worth it it terms of time, effort, or money IMO.
  10. Why do you think you need a rear strut bar? And no, there aren't any.
  11. Yeah don't try re-gapping Iridium plugs. the electrode is tiny and very fragile. BTW i personally wouldn't use any OBX product, specially on something critical as spark plugs. Most if not all the stuff that i've seen from them is typical knock-off crap.
  12. impossible to tell exactly what it is from what you posted. do an inspection first to see what might be wrong before doing anything. or take the safe route and get new pads and rotors. things i'd check would be warped rotors, worn out pads, stuck/seized calipers and such. BTW an alignment is anything but a lifetime thing. your alignment could be thrown off at any time by hitting ruts or potholes, or running over things, etc. If your car noticeably pulls to either side, feels like it handles twitchy, steering wheel isn't straight, etc are all signs that you need an alignment. Also how the tires are wearing is another clear sign if something is off, like if the the tires are wearing mainly on the inside/outside/center/all even/etc. I personally keep an eye on how the tires are wearing, and take the car in for an aligment if i feel it pulling one way or another. It usually ends up being about every other year or so.
  13. Sounds pretty low to me. I use a quart about every 1000 miles. Has this caused any problems for your catalytic converter? I also burn a quart per 1000 miles but I have had a check engine light on for quite awhile (P0420 code) I suspect that the burning oil may have damaged the catalytic converter. So I keep trying different things to slow down the rate at which the oil is lost before I get it replaced. Right now I'm running Auto-rx. However, if you are losing oil just as quickly and are not getting a check engine lights then maybe a new converter won't also get damaged. this is a good question. i just had my cat replaced (luckily under warranty) and i'm burning at least 1 quart of oil per 3K miles. I should have asked at the dealer if they could tell me why the cat died with 70K miles on the clock, but i suspect all the burnt oil has something to do with it.
  14. It may have looked like the e-Bay item but it was probably different. I doubt Toyota would put anything as cheap into their cars, unless it had been tested. the design and layout looked exactly the same, a bolt that you turn to adjust the tension of the belt. while yeah the part are completely different, i don't think the concept of putting this type of tensioner on the corolla is that far-fetched.
  15. a bit less than $60 shipped for the whole tensioner assembly. i got it on Ebay from RockAuto, a very reputable parts dealer.

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