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  1. also dont fprget if you have an aftermarket intake either take the filter off or make sure its dry so you dont suck water. big no no
  2. i agree with bitter. bad ecu sounds off. i would investigate some more. i would rule out the days old cold having anything to do with it if you drove it that night ok it wouldnt make sense that the computer would quit the next day
  3. i have a 2000 corolla with 152,000 and just put cold air and exhaust on it and it runs like a dream. that corolla engine is the shi.t
  4. actually i got the photo and info from the manufacturer and i have it in correctly. and i does produce a noticable gain. not any 20 hp or anything but enough that i noticed it right away. i wasnt expecting miracles so i am not dissapointed
  5. thats all i can think. its gotta be that way on purpose. it didnt come shaped or long enough to go down to the wheel well or behind the bumper. it runs ok and works ok so i assume it is just figured i would ask someone who knew.
  6. well its kinda in the back right corner. not near the hot block or anything and it faces away. it was made for my year rolla but the curve of the tubing forced it there.
  7. hey i got a quick question.i have a 2000 rolla and i just put my cold air intake on tonight. the way the tubing was bent forced me to put the filter towards the back of the engine bay. will this be ok? it drove fine and runs fine but i know normaly you want the filter in front of the car

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