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  1. Try Ebay or Craig's List. If you can afford a few extra bucks go to you can get a nice wheel/tire combo for a decent price. That's what I'm gonna do next time I need new tires.
  2. I believe they are the stock SRT-4 wheels and tires. The Wheel Size is 17X6 with 5x100 bolt pattern. They have tires on them size 205/50/17
  3. Will the SRT-4 Wheels fit on a 2004 Corolla CE. The SRT-4 Wheel size is 205/50/17
  4. $75 isn't bad at all, my dealder wanted $130. But I would say go to Autozone buy a good belt for $30 and learn to do it yourself. That's what I did, and I'm no automachic at all. Could save you more and more money down the road as it appears these belts need to be replaced every 30k miles or so.
  5. I found this diagram and it seemed to work.
  6. Does anyone have a diagram for how the belt goes on? I got mine off but can't get it back on. Or can someone take a pic of theirs and send it to me.
  7. Thanks, I will give it a try sometime this week. Autozone has a Gatorback belt, is that one any good?
  8. My 2004 Corolla CE was making belt noise so I had the dealer check it out. He said it needed a new belt tensioner and that it would cost $540. I said, WOW, that's not covered under my extended warranty? Then he double checked and said it was covered. Anyway, they replaced the tensioner and then it seemed OK, but less than a week later the belt noise is back. I called the dealer and they said it must need a new belt and that would be $130 and is not covered by warranty. I would like to get the serpentine belt and do it myself to see if the noise will go away. Can someone recommend a good highquality replacement belt. Part number would be great if you have that. And some step-by-step instructions on how to do it. I looked at the belt tensioner after they put it on and i don't see right away any spot to put a wrench on it to lossen it up.