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  1. I'm more concerned about adjusting it. It's the clutch pedal safety switch. As long as I can adjust it, it'll be ok. I'll tinker with it tomorrow if I can.
  2. Is there any way to disable the sensor for starting the manual 9th gen models? (The one that only lets you start the car when pedal is completely pressed down). I have big feet and it is cumbersome to get the pedal completely to the floor. Can it be disabled or at least adjusted so that the pedal can be just a little further away from the floor to allow the car to start?
  3. Here's a related question if I may ask.....I'm not sure about the thickness of the TB' it possible to bore them out to be a little larger, say, maybe with a cylinder hone or something? And would it do anything for performance, depending on how much you were able to bore it out? I figure I might try something like that if the TB needed a deep cleaning....
  4. I have an '06 S with stock tires & caps on the 15" rims. Personally, I think I will end up going with 16" rims and 205/50 or 205/45 tires. I can't see any reason for 215's or even 225's unless I was running more serious suspension and 17" rims or larger.
  5. I actually tried a "fart can" on my 2001 civic lx I had at the time. It was a Tenzo bolt on with a 3.5" outlet and silencer that reduced outlet to 2" if I wanted. It actually sounded good, not tinny, but deeper, almost like a chambered design. I was very happy with it, but got minimal hp gains, maybe only 2hp and lost a couple ft lbs of torque as the consequence. Oh yeah, and it also got stolen because it was a $300 bolt on muffler. Bad choice. Even if the oem design is bolt on, and you get a performance muffler, I would still weld it. Just make sure you really like it first.
  6. I live in Arizona, so I would probably be changing mine more often (25k miles) due to the extreme heat and dryness. Last thing I need is a serpentine break in 110 degree heat out in the middle of nowhere.
  7. $195 is not alot to spend on good quality sound! Bike, I'm sure you didn't pay that little for any of your cars.
  8. I checked out Best Buy today to get an idea of prices to upgrade the audio. They only had 2 brands of 2Din radios. "Dual" was $640, and the Alpine would run about $1000. Both very high tech, touchscreen, etc.....apparently you can't get a normal 2Din radio anywhere according to the Best Buy guys. I did see a really nice 1Din Alpine for $195 that supports mp3 ipod & bluetooth "ready". 50w x4, max, with 3 preamp outputs. I may end up trying this out, because the wattage is 18w x4 rms actual output, so I don't think it would blow up the factory speakers. If I do decide to get speakers, I looked at the Infiniti components and the Infiniti 3 way 6x9's. They had the cleanest sound out of all of the speakers. Even better than the Alpine in clarity. I still prefer the Alpine deck though.
  9. Since we're on this subject, I've been pondering installing the oem strut bar off an xrs model, but I can't seem to locate them anywhere.....the strut bar on the 06 xrs looks pretty stout and it may be cheaper than some of the aftermarket ones out there. Toyota wouldn't put it in the car unless they knew it would help and would last a long time. Anyone know where I could order one online?
  10. Cool, thanks for the info, guys. I had a feeling I would just wind up getting a better head unit. I'm just not sure how it would look. I don't want anything that looks homemade or jutting out of the dash.
  11. Bitter, the plastic tubing is spa-flex hose. It is thick walled plastic with metal spirals inside it. I checked with the store guys and they told me that it's high temp stuff, designed specifically for outdoor use in the Arizona sunshine. The tube is only running from the airbox along the wheelwell, and into the front air dam, so at worst, temperatures wouldn't rise above 150 degrees in that area. I'm also going to get some heat shielding tape as well to help keep the air cool. Jupiter, thanks for the recommendation. They have a full cold air system as well as the short ram that supposedly works with the 05-06 models CE & S. Cold air system is $116 plus shipping. Not bad.
  12. Hey guys I've got the regular single disc player with 6 speakers. I'm wondering how many watts the speakers each can handle rms and max? It seems that at lower volume the speakers are muddy sounding but cranked up to 50, they sound way better. I have an Alpine v-12 5 channel amp I want to try, I believe puts out 40 watts rms by 4 channels, and 5th channel is 150 rms mono for a sub. Do any of you think I would blow the factory speakers by trying this?
  13. Ok, so here's the bad news and some good news for all of you '06 Corolla owners. The ONLY difference in the intake that I am told is an added little vacuum hose or emissions hose of sorts.....I haven't gotten a chance to compare the '05 model yet....but 2 guys from the dealership told me neither the AEM or the TRD intakes will work on the '06 models. The guy actually says that TRD may not even make one because of lack of accessory sales on the Corollas......So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I removed the plumbing off the airbox, which was very restrictive. I tried it with the open airbox, noticed an increase in power and a huge increase in sound between 3500 and 5000 rpm, which was cool outside, but a bit annoying inside the cabin. I then decided to go to Ace hardware and buy a 3 foot length of thick plastic spa hose, 2" inside diameter and a 90 degree elbow made of ABS plastic that happen to fit very snug right over the flex hose. The rest was very simple. I unclipped the airbox, removed the filter to expose the hole, removed the battery, then me and my friend shoved the flexible hose length from the inside of the box outward, routed down below the headlight (hose not flexible enough to go through small hole where you would have like to put it), and ended up hanging down about an inch below the bottom front molding. I then used the 90 degree piece to attach to the end of the hose, drilled a small hole in it, then zip-tied it to the tow loop, therefore making it sort of a very clean looking ram air intake that you can hardly tell is even there unless you look closely. The wooshing sound is just about gone completely, however can definately feel increased torque and a little hp on the top end, especially at highway speed, due to the cooler air coming in. This cost me a whopping $13 for the parts. Worth every penny.
  14. I bet you'd be surprised! The battery pack would replace the gas tank basically. If you go to, you'll see a couple used vehicles for sale that were turned into 100% electric vehicles. There was an old VW rabbit and an old Nissan pickup that I saw.
  15. I took mine up to 100 yesterday coming down I-17 from Flagstaff to Phoenix. Car felt so-so kinda stable. You can tell a slight difference in handling with different rims. Number one, the alloy rims 15" or 16's will handle better than the stock rims w/caps on them like I have. I got the car like this because I will eventually put on 17's. Number two, the car is slightly top heavy because of the ground clearance. This is why I want to lower mine 2". Number three, The car is probably governed at 110 because of the speed rating on the tires. Most typical car tires are speed rated up to 130mph max unless you get high performance tires. This is done for Federal accident safety compliance as well as to protect Toyota's ###### from liability.

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