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  1. The passenger front struts on my wifes 03 LE is bad, I am having a hard time finding OEM or KYB's for it, but have found 03-05 Matrix struts. Are they interchangable, or do they use the same vehicle platform? Thanks guys, Shane
  2. Hmm. is the dealer the only location for stock/ oem struts? One thought is there any other toyota vehicles that they may share struts with. Assuming Matrix but I am curious as to other years or models that may use the same design as the 9th gen. Thanks,
  3. The front passenger strut on my wifes LE has gone bad. Car only has around 50K odo. but it went bad. My wife is not hard on her car and I take care of all of our vehicles. I can't seem to find new struts. I would prefer the inserts since they are cheaper, but can't find any. Searched ebay and found one used set with 30k but don't want to go that route. I am assuming something must have been deffective. It seems to have gone pretty quick. All of a sudden we started getting wheel hop over large bumps on the passenger side and sure enough when I tested it with the car parked its weak and doesn't settle right away. Other than that no complaints, its been a good car and is pretty comfortble but the seat doesn't go back quite far enough for me. Oh well, mileage best is 43mpg (its an auto) normal is 34-37 with mixed driving. Utah roads aren't the best but they aren't too bad. I guess the guy making the strut or the robot had a bad day. Any recomendations as far as locating new struts (inserts preferable) would be great, just need oem ride, nothing fancy, from the search option I would prefer KYB since Monroe seems to not have the best reputation anymore, or if someone has upgraded with super low mileage units for sale I might consider. Thanks guys, Utah02 (02 is for my 76 bmw 2002)