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    I own a 2001 corolla ce and am interested in converting to power doors and windows. Are there pre-existing wires so that I may change the doors with ones equipped with power doors and locks? I like the car (220k miles and 39mpg hwy) but I wish for more amenities. CE is way too basic for me. Hopefully the conversion is simple? Otherwise, I may try and sell it and get an 8th gen corolla S, or 9th gen xrs for 35mpg and 4-wheel disc brakes, or e90 335i. The last choice is a half-joke.
  2. It snowed 2 inches in late december here in Washington State. I was driving a 2005 prius and driving slowly downhill in a residential area. With the brakes applied, the best the Falken all season tires could do is maintain speed. The Prius could not come to a complete stop. This freaked my gf out as we also understeered and oversteered. That said, I bought some winter tires for my 2001 Corolla knowing full well what a FWD car can do with all seasons. Driving through slush is just fine with all seasons. Good luck with shopping.
  3. I did! An '06 Elise. It's incredible! There is absolutely nothing like it! I made a video of my issue. Sounds are within my vehicle and you might have to increase the volume to hear the engine. The video doesn't do it justice in terms of how loud that grinding screech is. Unfortunately, the screeching grind still occurs despite a cold engine. I changed my oil a couple weekends ago. I didn't change my oil filter since I only had 3200 miles on the oil filter. I checked the oil level today, its full and barely over full (as usual when I do an oil change = I put in 4 quarts). Ha! I think I found it! While I had somebody push down on the accelerator, I noticed the sound was very close to the firewall. Then I heard that it was deep and I saw that the shield for either the steering rack or the axle (can't tell which). Either way, that shield/cover gets fastened to the transmission mount (closest to the firewall, towards the center of the car just to the left (driver's side) of the exhaust manifold/downpipe. The bolt is gone, that flange is rubbing against the mount and I'm curious what kind of bolt that is. Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. email me at I'll email you the pictures.
  5. I own a 2001 Toyota Corolla 5 spd with about 190K miles. Just today on the drive home from work, I heard some grinding when shifting. I though it was the transmission and by the time I arrived at my home, I stopped, put it in neutral, and revved the engine up to 3300 rpms and I hear grinding. It's pulse rhythmic....sort of. At 3100 it's pulse rhythmic and as the engine rpms approach 3300, the pulse frequency get quicker until it becomes constant at 3300. The grinding ceases after 3300-3400 rpms. To describe the grinding sound, it sounds like chaotic the point where it sounds like it's grinding. I believe it's the engine since the sound is made when the car is in neutral and when the clutch depressed with the stick in "neutral". Not that this may be pertinent (but just in case), I had a P0420 code that I cleared a couple times and the CEL came back. I cleaned the MAF and cleared the CEL. It's been 300 miles and it hasn't come back since. Any ideas? I'm hoping that this car doesn't conk because I don't want to drive my second car (btw, Fish...I got that car I always wanted with the 2zzge...if you remember)
  6. I have a 2001 corolla 5spd. My front driver's side wheel squeaks in a pulse rhythmic fashion. When I make a left turn (causing the suspension to unload and minimal lateral stress on the wheel bearing), the squeak occurs. The faster my velocity, the faster the squeaking. The hotter the ambient temperature, the more likely the squeak occurs. If I've been using the brakes heavily (like braking on an offramp), then I'm more likely to squeak on left turns. Sometimes, I don't even really need to unload the suspension too much, squeaking will sometimes occur just by turning the steering wheel left 15-20 degrees. Sensitivity to squeaking is USUALLY hightened when hot. However, on a cold start up or on cold conditions (ie. morning), I don't squeak on left turns. I usually start squeaking after 20 minutes of driving if ambient temp is cool. If ambient temp is warm (today was 85 deg), my first left turn experienced some squeaking. I've narrowed it down to the drivers side because I've been hearing for the passenger side. Had a passenger hear for it on their end...nothing. My passenger agrees it's sourced from the driver's side. I've placed anti-squeal on pads and this didn't eliminate the problem or reduce it in the slightest. What do you guys think?
  7. Thanks fish. I've over estimated my compressor activity time. On fan setting 1 (lowest) the compressor is on ~25sec and off ~15sec. On fan setting 2, compressor is on ~45sec and off ~10sec. On fan setting 3, compressor is on over 1 min and off ~5sec. I'll check my refrigerant. Thanks again.
  8. I have a 2001 Corolla 5spd and I have an issue of moderately weak a/c performance. I have the issue where the compressor would turn on and off intermittently (I can hear it, I can see my tachometer change, and I can feel a difference in power). The compressor will engage for a few minutes (~up to 5-10 minutes) and turns off for about the same time. The process is repeated so long as I have the A/C button engaged. I've also noticed that the air is colder when the engine speed is higher = compressor is compressing the refrigerant more at faster rpm than low rpm is my guess. My car has about 180k miles. Is this something to do with low pressure refrigerant pressure? I had a 1998 Corolla 5spd and had the same a/c characteristics (intermittent compressor, change in power, change in idle speed, etc)
  9. Does anybody know the OEM numbers for the front and rear suspension (toe, camber, caster) for a 2001 corolla?
  10. Are the 8th gen corolla S steering wheels the exact same as the 9th gen steering wheels? Are they interchangeable?
  11. I have a 2001 corolla CE manual 5 speed. I saw an opportunity to get a steering wheel with more options on the steering wheel stalk such as more windshield wiper settings (mine only has mist(momentary), low, and hi) as well as cruise control (mine does not have cruise). If I were to get this steering wheel, will I be able to use all of the additional functions? Is it just plug and play? Thanks!
  12. Does anybody have any instructions on how to completely remove the HVAC console? Pictures would be a BIG HELP. Thanks.
  13. I have a question about baking the lights. At what temperature and for how long should I keep my headlights in the oven for proper removal. Please shed some light. I tried doing this myself (2001 corolla) and this is what I did: I tried the corner signals just to start off. I set the oven to 200F and placed them in there for 7.5 minutes. I took them out and tried prying them off with my hands (was wearing gloves) and didn't budge at all!!!! I set them back in the oven for another 7 minutes at 220F and pulled them out. I tried twisting and pulling the lens cover off and used my kitchen counter for support. Still wouldn't budge!!!! I set the corner signal on the counter and noticed that it warped!!!! I don't know if it warped in the oven or from using the counter as a support that caved it in. Knowing this, I dare not try and bake my headlights. If the same thing were to happen, my care becomes a day-only vehicle. Lol. Do the lenses have a cooler melting temperature than ABS plastic? Does anybody know why my corner signal warped under, what I believe to be, cool baking temperatures? Thank you twinky64 is online now Report Post Edit/Delete Message
  14. Does anybody know the stock speaker specifications for a 2001 corolla? i.e. sensitivity(dB), RMS, frequency range, etc.
  15. In terms of construction durability, which is better for lowered springs on an 01 corolla: KYB GR-2 or Gabriel Ultra? Here's my dilemma. I could get a set of KYB's for $250 and install them on lowering springs (1.5" drop all around). Or I can go to autozone and buy Gabriel Ultra struts with a lifetime warranty so if they do fail prematurely, I can just swap it out free of charge. I've heard that KYB builds struts better than Gabriel but and has a firmer valving system that Gabriel. So I would expect the KYB's to last longer than Gabriels but when they do go out, I'm going to have to buy new struts every time. On the other hand, when the Gabriels go out, I can replace them myself free of charge. Any thoughts? I'm looking for a firm ride and with the KYB's I think I will get the ride I want compared to the Gabriels right?