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  1. 2003 CE A couple of weeks ago, my airbag light came on without reason. I also noticed that my horn was not working. I checked the wires for the horn, and they are good...horn works when you "jump it". Common sense tells me that these two issues might be related, I just don't know how or what to check. Can anyone point me in the direction on what to check? I replaced the clock spring, NO change. Thanks in advance!!
  2. Thanks for the advice. The clutch is smooth, just have to push it ALL the way to the floor to engage...any ideas?? The PO had some sort of K&N intake system. He included all the OEM parts and I put that on last night. Ordered the Redline last night and will replace that. After 1500 miles with Auto-Rx I will refill with Mobil 1. He said he just replaced the plugs with some sort of "performance plugs". Gonna replace thos with factory plugs Had new tires and alignment done yesterday...drives like a brand new one. Other maintenance stuff will be done as time and budget allows.
  3. I bought it yesterday. It needs tires and alignment, but the driving issue has gotten better with driving it. He said it sit for a couple of months with minimal driving. I've put about 120 miles on it so far. No accidents. Only other issue is there's about a 1"X4" spot on hood where paint has come off to primer. Will most likely get the hood repainted. Got a really good deal after haggling. Cars around here are still fetching quite a premium. What fluid should I use for tranny? I've read that Redline MT-90 is a good choice. I've added Auto-Rx to engine for a 1500 mile round. Any other advice is appreciated!!
  4. OK, looked at car. Car has some bad paint on one place on the hood, but no big deal. MAJOR question: The front end/ steering shakes when starting out but smooths out before 15mph. The tires are worn bad and need replacing. The front end also pulls to the right pretty bad when going down the road. PO says that a front end alignment would fix it. Haven't experienced the shaking before, O know the pulling will be fixed by alignment. Car has never been in an accident. Any words of wisdom? Picking car up tomorrow.
  5. Hello all. I'm a former Corolla owner (1995), and looking at another. I am looking at a 2003 CE 5 speed with 127k miles. Got some questions. This car is a 2 owner, this owner has had it for 3.5 years. Are there any things that are problematic or to look out for? I've read about some manual transmission failures in these models. What kind of highway mileage can I expect? BIGGY: Can I add cruise to the CE? I've read that it's not offered, but also read that southeast region does (I'm in GA). If so, any idea on cost or where to get? Any other information would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I'm currently looking for a small car to commute in. I am looking for Corolla's, Prizm's, and Civic's. I owned a 1995 Corolla that was great, sold it about 4 years ago. I just sold my Tacoma and bought a 2500HD Duramax for towing, but also currently own a 2005 Sienna. In my area (as in most) the Prizm's are quite cheaper. I am more familiar with the 1993-1997 generation than any of them. My budget is around $4k-4500 max. I'd like something 5 speed if possible. What I'm wondering about is the 1998-2002 models mostly. I remember reading about oil usage with these models with sustained higher speed driving. My commute would be about 60 miles each way at around 70-80 mph. Most everything I'm looking at has around 100k-130k miles. Would like to buy something that I could keep for 2-3 years minimum (around 20-30k miles/year). Any info/tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Do you consider 10,000 hours a verrry limited lifespan? LED's will soon be everylight except headlights. They run cooler, hove virtually NO power draw, and a verrry LONG lifespan.
  8. Just a guess, but does it register (show) anything below 0, no matter if it's C or F?
  9. Do a search on the net. The number is a toll free number. When we bought our Sienna last November I called them. They were very nice and forthcoming. Said it was a one time thing and it has to be submitted and approved. They took my info and called 1 or 2 days later and said I was approved. Received my $500 check about 5 days later. That was my 5th Toyota vehicle.
  10. Highest I saw today was $4.98/gallon at a BP in Gainesville GA (NE of Atlanta). There were a few in Atlanta charging $7!!!! per gallon for regular.
  11. I just thought it was too soft. The store brand Mothers and Meguiars kits are too soft, IMO. Either get the Clay Magic kit, or go to a detail shop or body shop and get the pro line Meguiars.
  12. I rarely use the lubes that come with it. All they are is quick detailers that leave a wax residue after use. I always use a spray bottle with a capful of carwash soap filled with water. The mothers kit you got isn't very good quality. About the only store bought kit I would buy would be the Clay Magic.
  13. I wouldn't use a sponge. A sponge allows dirt to become trapped between it and the finish. EVERY car will get spiderweb scrtached from washing. Some colors just hide it better. I owned a detail shop for several years and I have never seen a car without them unless it was just detailed. I use a washmit. Only other thing I would reccomend is a genuine horse hair wash brush, but they are expensive. My new cars get the same treatment when bought and at least once a year. Wash with BLUE DAWN CLAY WASH with BLUE DAWN again (removes any oils) Polish with Porter Cable (should not need a high speed new, unless dealer has gotten ahold of it) Use Pinnacle Paint Cleansing Use was,sealant, polymer of your choice. I also apply polymer at least every 3-4 months. You cannot wash your car "too much" as long as you keep wax, etc on it. Carnuaba waxes are good, but begin to break down at 90 degrees F. Think how often your car reaches 90, on the surface of the car, not ambient temp. I no longer use carnuaba waxes unless topping a polymer for a little extra "pop".
  14. 1990: 1989 Mitsubishi MighyMax p-up. This was a regular cab 2wd truck without power steering or A/C. It was white and I had some chrome rims on it. Was a SHARP truck, especially for a junior in HS. Truck took a beating. Wrecked it three times, didn't fix it the third time. Also went about 30k miles without changing the oil. It had about a 4 qt capacity and only got about 2 qts out. Always run Castrol 20W-50 because that's what my dad said. He wasn't real good on maintenance. Learned after that. Sold the truck with a wrecked front end and about 160k miles in 1994. 1994: 1992 Ford Ranger. Reg cab 2wd 3.0 V6. Had 60k on it and put 60k on it in a year going to paramedic school. Traded in 1995 for... 1995: 1995 Jeep Wrangler 2.5S. First new vehicle I ever owned. This jeep would go anywhere, but it was SLOW!! Had a hard top AND soft top with full and half doors. Chicks loved it, especially in PCBeach. Sold it in 1997 with about 50k miles for... 1997: 1994 Toyota p-up. Reg cab 4wd 22re. First of MANY Toyota's. Bought it with about 60k miles on it. About 3-6 weeks later at 66,621 miles the timing chain (not the tensioner) broke. Cost about $1800 to fix and was never the same (burned oil, lower power). Sold it in 2001 with about 150k miles. 2001: 2001 Ford F-150 Supercrew. This truck was loaded with everything. Had the money and wanted to splurge on a FS truck. This (minus my wife's 2000 Ford Taurus) was the WORST vehicle I ever owned. Bad paint when delivered, NUMEROUS trim issues. Sold for a significant loss in 2002 with about 12k miles. This and the Taurus has turned me against Ford. ALSO in 2001: 1995 Toyota Corolla DX. I loved this car, should have NEVER sold it. It had about 105k miles when bought. It was an automatic (4 speed), couldn't find a 5 speed. It was like a champaigne color. LOVED this car...drove it EVERYWHERE!! Sold in 2002 because I sold the F-150 and bought my first Tacoma. Thought I wouldn't need a gas saver. MAJOR MISTAKE. Bought it with 105k miles for $4000, sold it with about 150k miles and put timing belt and tires on it for $4500 a year later. 2002: 2002 Toyota Tacoma. Extended cab, V6, 4wd TRD. NICE truck. It was Lunar Mist with a 5 speed. Absolutely loved this truck. Sold it in 2004 to buy an identical 4 door/double cab with the addition of my daughter. 2004: 2004 Toyota Tacoma double cab V6 4wd. Nice truck, but hate the auto. Shifts all the time. Wife drove it from April until November when we bought our Sienna. 2004: 2005 Toyota Sienna LE. Absolutely the nicest vehicle I have owned. Nice engine/ transmission. SMOOTH ride and good economy (21-25mpg). Power door, DVD, 8 passenger seating. NICE. Sold the POS Taurus for this. Hope to have this at LEAST 7 years. I would LOVE to be able to afford another (if I could find one) 1993-1997 Corolla. I love the new ones, but the 93-97 are awesome looking to me. I would love to find a well maintained, 5 speed. So...not currently a Corolla owner, but DIEHARD Toyota owner. Hopefully in the future I will once again be a Corolla owner.
  15. Depends on what kind of price you are getting for the warranty. For example, a dealer in VA (I think) sells them for $1 over cost, genuine Toyota warranty. $0 deduct/100k mile/7 year for $795 for a 2005 Sienna. Should be much cheaper for a Corolla.