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  1. Having trouble locating aftermarket blade refills that fit the 04 Corolla wiper arms. Does anyone know what brand blade refills fit the arms properly without difficulty?
  2. In a different post Plexus was recommended for cleaning the lenses. I have not been able to locate Plexus in my community. It's my understanding it is an aircraft product. I really wish there were more products for cleaning headlamp.
  3. I would NOT recommend Plastx. It did remove the yellowing stain from the lenses. However, it left fine scratches that were not there prior to using the product. The scratches are noticable in bright sunlight. I found Plastx similar to what one would describe as an "average product." It was okay, but I would not recommend it. There must be a better product for removing the yellowing stain that accumulates on the headlight lenses.
  4. Unplug a wire on the rear of the control panel???? I like it... Unfortunately, I am not highly wiring schematic oriented. But it shouldn't be more than a single wire of specific color, right? I'll browse around online and see if there is a wiring diagram out there somewhere. In the meantime, if you experiment with any success let us know. I have seen the traction control option on some of the Corollas but didn't know it engaged automatically. I have only seen it with the control button or switch in the dash which I am presuming is for manual engaging of traction control.
  5. I have the '04 model and my owner's manual makes no mention of any override, whatsoever. I also took my complaint to the service department. I thought the climate/defroster control was malfunctioning due to the A/C light not illuminating when the defroster was activated. I knew the A/C compressor was engaging, as I could feel the added load on the engine and it was suddenly uncomfortably cold in the cabin. I was told by service mgr. there was NO override and the A/C indicator does NOT illuminate when the defroster is engaged. He also said ALL Toyotas, Nissans and Hondas, as well as about 95% of the other manufacturers models in current production have the defroster linked A/C.
  6. Larry, you are absolutely correct in all aspects. The fogging is a meteorological event determined by the level of moisture (humidity) in the air. This may sound familiar to drivers in balmy climates with high humidity ( I am in that group). The A/C linked defroster with no manual control for the A/C clears the fogging on the inside of the windshield rapidly, no question... However, the cold air directed to the interior windshield causes condensation to accumulate on the exterior of the windshield requiring windshield wiper use every few minutes to keep it clear. And, within several minutes the driver and passanger side windows exterior begins accumulating condensation, blocking the side view, as well as the ability to use the outside mirrors. And the best part, we experience this wonderful phenomenon at the cost of reduced fuel economy. How nice!! There is something wrong with that equation in my judgment. In the engineers defense, I am certain they meant well in implementing the feature. However, it's just not applicable in the vast differences of climates. Therefore, it SHOULD have a manual override to accomodate everyone in every corner of the world.
  7. Have we as drivers become so ignorant (I included) we are not capable of managing the climate control systems in our vehicles?? In my judgment the vast majority of Corolla owners buy for economical reasons. With the ever rising cost of energy (fuel) the Corolla driver is at the mercy of a 10 to 15 percent reduction in fuel economy the moment he or she engages the defroster. Why not allow the driver to decide if he or she wants to engage the A/C when the defroster is activated. It's simple.......engage the defroster and press the A/C button if desired. But with the a/c linked defroster, there's no option and the driver takes the hit in fuel economy. Does anyone know if Honda or Nissan vehicles have the defroster a/c linked system?
  8. I was always under the impression "Clear Coat" was designed to protect paint, prolong its high gloss, and reduce damage and deterioration caused by the elements. 1. Why would flat paint NOT have clear coat protection.? 2. Is flat paint not prone to damage? Of course it is.... Therefore, what is protecting flat paint. And the imperative questions is: 3. Does flat paint (are there others besides white?) require additional care, OR another type of care that clear coat would have provided???? And lastly, the lack of clear coat on white painted vehicles may be the reason it that color seems to oxidize more rapidly than the other colors. I have a white one. A point to ponder: Vehicles with flat paint should be $125 cheaper on the sticker.......After all, it has 3 fewer applications or layers with the paint gun having not applied clear coat as opposed to a metallic colored vehicle which has the additional layers.
  9. Today, I learned that Toyota does not apply clear coat to their vehicles painted white... However, the body shop manager did not know why some manufacturers do not apply clear coat, Toyota being one of those manufacturers.. Any insight?? Thanks
  10. Bhp02 and Larry Roll, you are correct in that the Corolla should only be consuming minute virtually insignificant amounts of oil. A three year old Corolla with under 100k miles requiring one, two, or three quarts of oil between oil changes is rediculous. That statement is contengent on a few factors (1. The car has never been overheated and 2. The engine has not been run without or with very little oil). However, he does not mention the speed he's driving. If an economy type vehicle such as Corolla, Civic, Sentra, or Chevy Cobalt, for that matter, is being driven 80mph, 90mph and/or faster, it is going to consume oil in noticaeble amounts. Economy type autos is not intended to be driven aggressively and at high rates of speed. At the risk sounding condescending, it's not a sports car.
  11. I have made 3 phone calls to 3 dealerships and none of the three service departments are aware of any program codes to silence the chip for alarm activation. It's just a matter of time before the chirpers beak is going to be clipped (disconnect the wire to the chirpper).
  12. I have an '04 Corolla LE. It's my first Corolla. I am a "drive all you can, squeeze every bit of life possible out of a car" kind of guy. And I am still not completely certain if I like the Corolla enough to keep it for the long term. In the past, I had the '85 model Nissan Sentra, then '96 Honda Civic. The Sentra was by far the most comfortable to drive with perfect seat/steering/pedals position. The Civic was just okay. It's like a go-cart.... it's as close to the road as one can get without touching the pavement. And this Corolla, well............I cannot seem to get comfortable. The steering is quite a reach when the seat is comfortable to pedal position. And on the other side of that coin, when the steering wheel to seat position is comfortable, my legs are cramped, as the seat is too close to the pedals. I am an average height fellow at 5' 10" ... The Sentra was the best for longevity.. It had 321,000 miles before the auto transmission collapsed from exhaustion. And the Civic didn't come close. It's auto tranny gave out at 228,000 and that was with tranny oil changes every 65,000.
  13. I have not located any program codes, yet. I want to silence everything (but with the alarm still activating upon exiting the car). NO horn burst, NO chirp, just the sounds of the locks on the doors locking via the keyless fob. Flashing lights indicating lock and unlock, OKAY....... But no horns or chirps. Only horns and alarm sounds when the misfit perpetrator attempts to beak in the vehicle. I like it quite. There is enough darn noise to contend with during the course of a day without having one more alarm chirping. I am open for any and all suggestions, folks.
  14. Can I silence the alarm chirping, which signifies the alarm is activated, and have the alarm continue to arm and disarm itself when I exit or enter the car.?? I have read the operating manual cover to cover and there is no infomation regarding a feature to silence the alarm activation chirp. Thanks everyone!