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  1. Congrats on the purchase and welcome to the board. Enjoy the good MPG!!
  2. They tried to get me to finance it with one of thier banks, but I was a step ahead of them. I was pre-approved with my own bank before I even saw the car. All I had to do was call them with the VIN and the deal was done. Dealers really love to screw you that way too. When my wife and I bought her Jeep Liberty the dealer tried harder than anyone I've ever seen to get us financed with his bank. Again, we were pre-approved with our bank before we even saw the Jeep, and even though we had the money practically on its way the dealership tried to force us to use their bank. They asked for our social security numbers and I refused. I asked why and they came up with some stupid story that made no sense. I finally told them that if the money from our bank wasn't good enough then they were about to lose a sale and stood up to leave. I must have been pretty convincing, because they gave up the argument that they needed to run our credit and let us have the Jeep. I wonder just how much money they make off people who use thier banks?
  3. If I'm not going to keep my car 15 years, 10 years or even 7 years why should I not buy something I enjoy because it may leak for the car's third or forth owner? I didn't buy the car for them, I bought it for me. I didn't wait 4 months on a custom order for someone else, I did it for me. I don't buy into the "It's better to never get hurt than to put yourself out there and risk it philsophy in life". I'd rather put myself out there and enjoy whatever comes my way than to screw myself out of enjoyment because something might hurt a little. Meaning I'd rather have a sunroof that will leak and enjoy it while I own the car than to worry about it leaking for someone else. Well said 99...
  4. I got my 06 S almost by accident. I was loking for a used car of the Corolla or Civic variety. I saw an 04 silver S with 19,000 miles and loaded for $14,400 at a stealership. I called on it and was told it had been sold. Oh well, I big deal. Before I could hang up the phone the dealer asked if I would be interested in a brand new 05 exactly like the one I called on, minus the sunroof and for only $500 more than the price of the used one. He had my attention. He said they were trying to get the 05s off the lot to make room for the 06s and were closing them out. For an extra $500 I was going to get a new car, zero miles and just like the other one...except for the sunroof. I drove out to the dealer only to find out that the car was actually at another location, however they would haul it up for me if I wanted it. I drove another car that was simular to it to get the feel and decided I wanted to go ahead with it, but still wanted the right to back out if for some reason I didn't like the car when it got to the dealer the next day. They (dealer) had me sign a piece of paper with the VIN of the new car saying I would purchase it for $14,900, pending a test drive of the actual car. The next day I get a call and they tell me there is a problem. Apparently the car in question was not an was an 06 and it had a sunroof. The dealer tries to tell me he can't sell the car for $14,900....I reminded him that we had a contract that said I could back out...not him. The paper never mentioned the year of the vehicel, but it did have a VIN on it. I asked for a Toyota coffee mug on the way out...they said no...I wonder why?
  5. I was driving a Dodge Ram 1500 with a Hemi...loved the power but hated the mileage. I could pass everything but a gas station and I was getting tired of the pump cutting me off at $50 and not even getting a full tank. I started looking for an economical car and always loved the Toyotas I had owned in the past. I never considered a Corolla until I saw one at a dealership and got a deal I couldn't pass up. I love the MPG, the reliability, the room...for the size car it's amazing...and yes, the power. I realize it's only a 4 banger and I'm not looking to race around town, but the fact that I can keep up with anything out there on the Interstate puts a smile on my face. For those who give me crap for not driving an American car I have to say my Corolla is more American than most American cars. Toyota has been building cars in the US for a LONG...LONG time. The past few American cars I've owned were built in either Mexico or Canada...thank you NAFTA. I don't have a problem with that, but I take offense to people telling me I'm un-American for driving a Toyota when they drive a Mexican made Chevy. They almost always come back with the argument of where is all that money going...back to Japan according to them. I like to point out that the money they speak of is going to some very wealthy people who don't need more of it, whereas money spent on a foreign car made in America is putting money in the pocket of the guy/gal who built it right here in America. I'd rather make them wealthy rather than some rich executive in Detroit who wants to buy a bigger yacht. I'll relinquish the soap-box now.
  6. Although it didn't happen in a Corolla a few years ago my friend and I had a moment of stupidity. We walked out of the mall and to his little red Ford Escort. This was in South Dakota and crime wasn't a real big concern so we rarely locked the doors. We both hop in the car and my frined finds he's having trouble with t the key in the ignition. After about a good 10 seconds or so we begin to notice that some of the stuff doesn't look so a different radio, and a picture of some baby hanging from the rear view mirror. Oops... About a year later I was at a used car dealerhip looking around. I was walking down the line of used trucks and see a full size Balzer I really like. I decided to hop in and see how it felt behind the wheel. I swing the door open and get half way in before I realize there are two people sitting in the back seat and even worse one in the passenger seat. Oops...
  7. Wipers were part of an option package... Came with the left rear floor mat, the passenger side window, rear view mirror, stylish radio knobs and the windshiled wipers. Of course when I went with that package it meant I also had to get option package #2 which included the windshield and a drivers seat.
  8. Trunk release on the keyless entry Standard ABS Better tires More intermittent wiper speeds other than the standard one speed
  9. Wow...that sucks. Maybe you could drill a hole about half way up the A Pillar just big enough to stuff a few coat hangars in. Twist two together for a more rigid "poker" and then try and get that antenna lead out of there.
  10. You should be able to leak test it with the pressure from the can. If your leak is pretty significant then DO NOT use refrigerant to find it. Intentionally leaking refrigerant into the enviornment can cost you $$$ in fines. If the leak is minor then it's no big deal. If you have it available to you, use an inert gas like Nitrogen to bring up the pressure for the testing. Of course you'll only want to do that after you have properly evacuated the system and recovered all of the remaining refrigerant. As for minimum pressure for a leak test it depends on what you use. I know for a home system I would bring the pressure up to about 80lbs on the low side.
  11. +1 For Mobil 1 Synthetic Castrol GTX is a good one too. I think there a bunch of good choices out there and like the last few posts have stated a lot of the decision should be based on your driving conditions and basically how much you're willing to spend. Only oil I would steer clear of is Penzoil. I used to work for my step dad doing engine work. We would see pretty bad engine sludge and ask the customer about their oil changing habits and what they used. I would say about 90% of the time we already knew the answer...they got their oil changed every 3000 miles at a local lube shopp and they used Penzoil. On the flip side of that we would see some really high mileage cars come in and the top end of the engine would be clean enough to eat off of...and they almost always said they used Castrol GTX. Just my $.02 worth.....
  12. Good info on this thread... Intake thread
  13. I bought mine for two reasons. 1. I needed something I could fit people in other than my regular cab truck. 2. That regular cab truck was a 2003 Dodge Ram with a gas guzzling Hemi. I used to spend $50 and not even get a full tank of gas in the truck. That would last me about a week and a half of doing nothing more than driving back and fourth from work. I bought the Corolla and spend less than half of what I did on the truck and can go a full two weeks before I need to gas up. that was all back when gas was $2.00 a gallon. I love my car and tell everyone I know that they should consider one if they're in the market. It's kind of sad/funny how I wish I could find $2.00 gas. Gas went down to $2.85 here today, down from $3.05 yesterday and I actually had a huge grin on my face. I never in a million years would have thought I would be excited about paying $2.85 for a gallon of gas.
  14. If you remove the head unit don't forget to remove the screw holding the trim plate on. If you pull the center A/C knob off there is a screw hiding behind it holding the whole thing on. I have complete instructions for removal of head unit, front and rear speakers and a diagram of what wires are what in PDF if you're interested. I can e-mail it to you since i don't know how to post it on here. Hmmm...that just gave me an idea...what if we posted stuff like that here on the web site?