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  1. How will you attach it? The zip ties look kinda ugly.
  2. I like the piston soak and replace the PCV valve idea, even though it is a manufactures defect on the rings.
  3. Replace the bulb that does not work, and that will fix it. But it is best to replace bulbs in pairs, because it wont be long before the others blow too.
  4. If you want an OTC great brake fluid, look at Castrol LMA (pepboys). Bleed the brakes and make sure you purge all the old fluid. Not sure if you are looking for more bite, but Akebono pads with Brembo Rotors are probably the best braking combo, but of course the is a very large price tag. As pointed out, that combo is not great in the cold weather. If you do not race your car, stock pads and rotors are fine for everyday use. Flush/bleed the brake fluid every 2 years.
  5. Try running a bottle of Techron concentrate in your gas before you take it to the mechanic.
  6. I know this thread is old, but this maybe helpful for those with bad clocks and know how to use a soldering gun.
  7. Might want to try to go to a different dealer, you car is covered under the federal emissions warranty if it is less than 8 years or 80K miles even if you bought it used. It says it in the owners manual. Flashing CEL means misfire, among other things. You are in the US, correct? Did you ever experience idle hunting in the winter? If so, that is the only way you will get that dealer to look at the ECU, as there is a TSB that ties idle hunting and a misfire code to the ECU. Also, aftermarket PCV valves usually do not fit right, for some reason, OEM PCV valves are the way to go. Give the VIN when ordering.
  8. Sounds like the ECU is bad, was your corolla made in California? You have to ask them if they can communicate with the ECU. Make sure you get this taken care of before you reach 80K miles, if you have not reached it already.
  9. HIR on high beam is the best "mod" I did to my corolla, it is a great safety upgrade, although a bit pricey. I have HIR in the low beam too, not a dramatic improvement over stock like the high beams, not worth the money in my opinion. I highly recommend the HIR highbeam. You can get them from ebay and pay way too much for shipping, but the seller paints the area of the tab that has to be trimmed with white out, so it is easy to trim with a dremel and a file. has them for cheaper, but you are on your own for trimming, although there are guides on the net that show you how to do it.
  11. Government is looking into the possibility of ECUs causing WOT. We all know the ECUs on the 05-08 corollas are crap any ways.
  12. I wonder if the recall will expand to the 05-08 corollas?
  13. Toyota knows of this issue and does not cover it under warranty that is applicable any more. You would think they should give you one on good will This also effects the odometers that read in Kms and miles. You will have to go to them to get a new odometer and they will give a sticker to place on the car indicating of the new odometer. Not sure of the price for a new odometer and installation, but it is not cheap. There is so much room for fraud though, if you do not get it replaced, I think that may be classified as odometer fraud. If your car makes it to inspection next year and it shows you did not travel a single mile or km, there will be questions. You can buy odometers on ebay and the mileage is stored in the odometer itself.
  14. My 05 corolla is shows 15 on the TPS.