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  1. Turns out my car had very low, I assume that must mean it's indeed burning oil? Well, I used to change it every 3500 miles, but then I was told I didn't have to do it every 3500 miles, so this time I waited till I am almost at the 5K mark, but I guess that's too long a I guess I should have it changed every 4500 miles instead?
  2. I am having my BF change my oil tomorrow. My oil lamp has come on twice in the past 4 weeks. Both happened when I was making a sharp left turn. First time happened 3 weeks ago, the second time happened today. Is there anyway he could check to see if I have an oil leak/consumption issue? What are things to look for? How can you tell? I use synthetic 5W30 high mileage oil. I have all the supplies needed to change the oil. My 99 Corolla currently has 120K miles on it (approx)
  3. I also still have this issue. I pull my seat belt out all the way and the sensor still flashes. I jerk the seat belt hard and it still flashes, but catches at times, so I assume the seat belt itself still functions. Does anyone have a diagram of what wiring harness to look for? Or is this a dealer only resolution?
  4. Just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year! Hope this year ends up being a good one for everyone! Hope everyone's Corolla's are functioning OK. Hope everyone had a great winter holiday! Take care!!
  5. Fishexpo: How wet should the dipstick be? Mine looked like someone took an old black water based marker and drew a streak on the dipstick leaving a wet residue..
  6. I added 1 quart of oil today. I had hit the 2000 mile mark since my previous oil change. However, I noticed when I added oil I was unsure if i was reading my dipstick correctly. Mine only has 2 dots on it. I know if it's wet in between that's a good level, but to me it seemed dry. I just worry I added oil that didn't need to be added. I'll drive it around some more and I guess get another reading so to speak and see what happens from there.
  7. They went the way of the tailors that measured your arm and leg inseam. Besides I guess it costs too much to support a gasoline tenant.
  8. I wonder why his started at 102K and my oil issue started at the 80K mark...that's quite a difference don't you think? Plus my LE was sitting in a garage for 3 years prior to my purchasing it. Yes, it was driven once in awhile (maybe twice a month?)..I not sure how else to account for the low mileage...
  9. My '99 with 82,845 Miles just had an oil change. However, the guy said there was only 1 quart left and I was moments away from potential engine disaster. He said he'd add an additive, but doubted that would solve the problem. My friend has done all previous oil changes (TDK), I don't know if he's noticed this high amount of consumption. No one mentioned anything until it went past the 75K mark. I got the trannny flush and coolant flush at my 70K service (really supposed to be done at 60K, but I got in at 70K). I have no just bought a gallon container of oil, just in case and have been advised to keep a close eye on the level of oil in my car. I think it's the same issue w/the original poster. What else could I guys had no other advice other than an engine rebuild, and I'd end up buying a new car before it'd come to that... I also got a new Cat converter and muffler last year around late August last year was when I got my major service done (brakes, ect.)
  10. Good news! No sign of hamster was found inside glove compartment/cabin... Bad news/good news: Since it's not in the cabin area, it has to be somewhere inside the car....are there any other places it could end up hiding? I know there's a lot of possible gaps since it's an old car...1990 Camry afterall... He also said he already inspected the trunk and the compartment that hides the spare hamster. Car is in his car port and he covered it w/a tarp in hopes of giving it one last try... If we don't find it by end of week, we'll assume it escaped.
  11. Update: We haven't heard any rustling sounds w/in the cabin, so we can't tell if it got out/ if it died from freezing to death / or whatever... You think a mechanic will upen up the cabin /glove compartment area to check to see if it's still there?? Is there an opening it could escape out of at the bottom of the car?? or is it good as toast???
  12. A friend of mine was pet sitting his roommate's hamsters while the roommate was out of town for family business. The roommate wanted to go to some convention out of town, but couldn't leave the hamsters at home, so he got the bright idea to take the hamsters with him on his road trip. (I told him it was a bad idea)...,but y'know how that goes.... Somehow or other the little buggers got loose (Teddy bear hamsters) and one of them got lost inside the compartment where there is a gap between the glove compartment door and interior compartment (dunno what's it called)...the 2nd one I think got out of the car and was left at a rest stop or gas stop or fast food pickup or something... So far bribing the bugger is not getting it out and it's gonna get really cold tonight, so we'd like to get it out before it freezes to death in there and begins to rot or something....any suggestions?? I kind found it funny at first, but I'd hate it if it happend to my car... year of car...1992 DX Camry. P.S. just like in a comedy, this friend bought replacement hamsters and is currently trying to convince his roommate nothing happened to them and it's his imagination that they're behaving different...
  13. That was the Toyota dealer in Columbus, the dominant Toyota dealer in that part of Columbus (the closest anyways)... Like the cable company...since many do not want to drive out of immediate Columbus area they put up w/the costs... I did get to test drive the '07 Camry tho'...strong car....big car (mammoth) not as mammoth as those SUVs that I need a step ladder to get on the step ladder for the SUV. (I feel sorry for people who are shorter than me...5'3"...) I can't wait for the new '09 Corolla...hopefully I'll be able to afford one... BTW, the smell has gone I musta burnt off all that dust or whatever it was...
  14. I talked w.the one guy I go to for car questions and he assumed it was steam from engine from melting frost. My cat has not been misfiring Bikeman, but thanks for asking. Besides, I bought a new cat, muffler and such a year ago. To the tune of $1000, and after that I did the 60K checkup done but my car was at 70K. I paid $1500 for new rotors and shaving of the rear brakes. fluids changed, tranny flush..etc.
  15. It was very cold this morning. 33 degrees. As I blasted on my defroster and was scraping the frost off my '99 Corolla, I heard a distinct knocking noise under the hood for a brief, I'd say 2 seconds (2 knocks). I then looked down at my hood to see vapors seeping out from the hood. I don't know if it was steam or smoke, but the headlights definately made me see it. What could this be? I recently got a new air filter put in, put in fuel injector fluid, to help w/the "old car-chug chug sound". I know my car was recommended to have a tune up by the one of the guys that does my oil change. I will check with the other guy to see if he can help me, or if I need to go to a pay mechanic to have this solved.