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  1. I used to burn a qt every 400 miles with havoline dino since it's so thin but when I switched to the valvoline hm the burn rate decreased to 1,200 miles a qt so it really helped me. Yep private pilot. Congrats and I know you'll really enjoy your first solo flight.
  2. Likely not. You'd either have to roll the windows down and leave the door shut to listen to the radio, or disconnect the wiring harness from the door sensor on the pillar if you want to leave the door open.
  3. Don't have a clue. Check and see. Ebay too.
  4. It's a rapid jack but I don't know about the other questions. You'll just have to check around.
  5. I got my low priced silver colored Mack brand stands a decade ago and they've been nothing but good with no rust ect. Got them at Autozone or Oreilly's. May be better brands now so just check and see what looks best for you. I know you don't have to spend much to get good stands though.
  6. I think Oreilly's. I checked other auto stores and found that one to be the best choice for me, but shop around and get what you think is best. There are others sold with cases.
  7. Get HIR for the driving lights. They're a little brighter without producing more heat. I don't know about the side bulbs.
  8. I use a 2 1/2 ton jack placed 1/3 the distance of both doors behind the front tire(a couple feet back) which lifts the front and rear tires, then I place jack stands under each side and swap front to rear. Saves having to jack the car up 4 times by just having to jack 2 times, once for each side.
  9. I didn't buy that brand from harbor freight since I saw the reviews on it were bad at the time where they were giving people problems quickly. Unfortunately anything good is very expensive and most of the time very heavy too. I just went with a 2 1/2 ton AC Delco for around $60 since it's light enough to carry in the trunk and comes in a carry case. I hate using the slow OEM jack so using this one is much faster and easier. Could save your life being on the side of the road for much less time changing a flat so a texter or drunk won't have as much opportunity to drive into you.
  10. To answer my own question above for anyone wondering how to do this in their 01-02 corolla I disconnected the seat wire harness and connected both wires together which silenced the seat belt dings, then I disconnected the door ajar sensor's wiring harness from the sensor on the door pillar. No more door ajar dings and it also silenced the ignition dings where I can do as I will with the key and I hear nothing. The alarm will sound when motion is detected so the disabled door ajar sensor is irrelevant.
  11. Oil changes ever 3k miles is way too soon if you're burning that much oil since you're basically already adding a new 4qt oil change every 2 months. I recommend valvoline max life synth blend HM oil since I've had good results with it. I have a similar oil burn rate as you with this oil and I just changed it at 7,500 miles and had it analyzed at blackstone labs. They told me it looked just fine where I can wait until 9k miles to change the oil and send them another sample next time. So you can go at least 5k miles before changing the oil & filter. Toyota recommends filling an extra 16oz to keep the oil level from dropping below full as it burns off. I did so then marked the dipstick with a razor blade to show the toyota updated fill level mark on it.
  12. Fish lately oreilly auto parts has been emailing me $5 off coupons for $10 spent. I've been buying 2qts of Valvoline for less total cost than walkmart charges for 2qts. Dang cheap for good oil.
  13. In my experience the oem drums are better. I got some painted ones on Amazon that rusted within 3 weeks so I returned them and spent more money on the oem drums. Months later and still no rust on them so it's worth the extra money. Beforehand I sanded and repainted my original drums with high temp supposed anti rust paint which rusted in a month as well.
  14. I haven't been able to find that supposed updated dipstick after buying two of them online. One for a '01 was identical to what I had in the engine and another for a '03 was too short. The best option I found was filling 16oz past the full mark then scraping a updated full mark on the dipstick where the top level of the oil was on it by using a box cutter but I'm sure a small flat head screwdriver would scrape a mark on it good too.