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  1. 5 bucks a gallon. I doubt that. They said last summer it would hit 4 bucks a gallon. I'm gonna be hating life if it hit 4 bucks. As it looks like the wife is gonna get the geo prizm during our divorce. And I'm suck with the 2006 Ford Tarus which gets maybe 30mpg, and I travel 70+ miles a day for work.
  2. Thanks guys. Maybe I wait a year, as a new design should come out next year.
  3. Anyone know anything about the Prius, besides it being a hybrid. Any thoughts? Issues? Etc??
  4. 1996 Geo Prizm just rolled over to 200,000 miles a few days ago. Plan on doing a nice good tune up on. Wanna start with the Seafoam. Any ideas which hose to use to get this stuff sucked into the engine? What you guys think of Seafoam. I mainly wanna do it to clean everything up, and maybe get rid of my pinging issue. Should I not even waste my time with it?
  5. Yeah I popped in a new radaitor this past Monday. Really impressed with how easy it went. Turns out the radiator was leaking. Hoses looked fine. No cracks soft spots or anything. 200 bucks for the new radiator from Auto Zone. Worse part of the whole night was dealing with Auto Zone. Bunch of freaking retards.
  6. So my radiator has gone bad. About a month ago, it started to over heat. Now it appears to be leaking from the bottom of it. Not sure on the details of where it's leaking from. But I'm 99% sure it's a radiator leak. So now what? Replace the radiator, water pump, hoses, do the whole 9 years? I wanna try to get out as much of the old radiator fuild as possible. Get new fresh fuild in the whole system. Throw some of that liquid patch it stuff? Any change of that ruin other stuff? Any ideas how hard it is to replace the radiator, looks pretty easy. Few bolts, and it's out. Any tips, suggestions would be great. 96 Geo Prizm. 197,500 miles.
  7. Nope orginally radiator, pump, belts, etc. Doesn't act like a bad themostat imo. I'm just hoping for it to the themostat.
  8. 1996 Geo Prizm with good ol 195k miles. Heading out to Wendover, NV (about 120miles west of SLC). Doing about 90mph, AC going, pulling around 4k rpm's. Looks down, and the temp guage was climbing slowly. Turned off the AC, slowed down a bit, and it started to return to normal. I remember Checking the oil before we left and it was about 1/2 qt low. Pulled off at the next rest stop which was about 10-20 miles down the road. Popped the hood to take a look, and everything seems fine. Added some oil. Got back on the road, and continued our trip. Topped off the radiator fuild before heading back to SLC. Everything seem fine on the way back. Granted it was much later in the evening, and cooler outside. All this was about 2-3 days days. Yesterday, I decided to drive the car hard staying in the 4k rpm range, and sure enough, it started to heat back up. So what you guys think. Cheap 10 dollar themostat? Water pump? I plan on replacing the themostat tonight hoping that will fix the problem. Only seems to overheat when running it hard. Replaced the fluid this past fall. Maybe the themostat not opening up all the way when it needs to.
  9. I just got this stereo. Love it. costed around 160. But will play mp3's cd's, has a wire connection for an ipod, along with a aux port. has a usb port on the front of it. Load up my 4gig usb drive with mp3's. got about 70 albums. Going the fm modulator way sucks.
  10. Usually every 30k miles. I've got a K&N air filter, and i'm happy with it. Reuseable. About every 40-60k miles, clean it, and throw it back in.
  11. Milage of what? Miles per gallons as in fuel economy, miles your gonna get out of the life of your car? Miles out of the factory tires? I'm gonna take a guess here....If you talking about MPG, as in fuel economy. It should be around 30-35 mpg. Is it a stick shift? Auto? Freeway driving? City driving. My 96 geo prizm gets around 35-40 mpg. . All freeway miles
  12. hahhahahaha you gotta be joking right?
  13. Yeah that's how my fancy new headlights are like. Lighting up the signs much sooner.
  14. Speaking of starters. I just replaced my starter about 2 weeks in my 96 Geo for the second time. First one replaced at around 110k miles. Got 190k miles now on the car. Lifetime warranty on the starter. Purchased the first one almost 4 years ago from Auto Zone. Runs about 100 bucks after the core charge and everything. Kinda a bugger to change out. A second person makes it much easier. Takes about 3-4 hours. I was bit disappointment in the life of the starter from auto zone. AZ says I should have gotten more out of it. But if I remember correctly both toyo and chevy wanted an arm and leg for a new starter. I kinda remember thinking it costing around 400+ dollars for it. Dont remember if that included labor. For that price, I would hope so.
  15. Yes, there are hi beams. But you can't drive with hi beams on at all times. Atleast i'm able to see the road now, and my chances of hitting a deer, running over stuff, etc etc etc is much lower now, since I can see. I've had a few people make comments about my lightning, before the new headlights. My vision is prefectly fine, these lights are perfectly legal also.