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  1. That's great to hear! I've heard mixed things about it. Issues with the brakes are commonly reported , but also things like the suspension and various electronical malfunctions. Have you had no drivetrain issues either?
  2. You find brazing to be on par with welding? What are your experiences ?
  3. Have you solved your issue? Bumping your thread in case someone knowledgeable enough might read it.
  4. The code has to be 90420, and you need to adress any that aren't. This is the most obvious first step here. What about the voltage reading of the 02 sensor?
  5. Is this also happening fairly randomly? And not just when braking? What about the other side of the spectrum, sharp turns or accelerating? Would be helpful to get a broader perspective of your problem.
  6. 2005 Toyota Corolla, 190 000 miles. It's starting to show, however. Im debating whether I should just get a new model, honestly. Is this engine still used in newer models?
  7. This was a fun idea for a poll, as I have been thinking about reaching that same level ( One can dream, right?). Why don't one of the moderators open up the poll again? I'm sure there's interest.
  8. Will send a link of this post to some of my friends, they might be interested! Just one question though, why are the hubcaps not included?
  9. I encountered what seems to be something similar to what OP described. If the guest poster who mentioned Frambus connection or anyone else might know, please reply to this thread!
  10. Not really my area of expertise but I do know there are a few experimental methods out there, but using a welder still seems to be the most reliable and efficient method. Have you looked into brazing?
  11. A few months ago I was thinking about getting either a Toyota Prius Prime or a Lexus ES300h. My old vehicle held on for a while longer, and reading this made me extra happy it did. I wonder if this affected the Toyota stock?
  12. I've had quite a different experience with aftermarket ones, actually. But it's all rather anecdotal, generally speaking I think it's fair to say that they are lackluster. Checking for leaks sounds like a good first step! As for your question, I wouldn't really know since I have no frame of reference. I've been stuck on the same catalytic converter for quite a while now.