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  1. Can get OEM bulbs from Toyota parts counter. It will be more expensive than going to local auto parts.
  2. Nice! Glad to hear you fixed this. Never hurts to check the easy stuff (fuses) before replacing parts.
  3. I would check alternator. Battery is for starting, alternator is for running.
  4. TEIN have 2 types available. The H ones are less of a drop than the S ones. I am opting for the former.
  5. For synthetic or non-synthetic, it is recommended to stick with interval recommended by auto manufacturer, hence using owner's manual as noted in previous comment. ...
  6. There is nothing wrong with using either. You can even mix them. I only use synthetic when it is on sale at Costco. My 2003 Corolla has over 299,999 miles (odometer goes no higher). *The important thing is to maintain the oil change intervals as noted in owners manual.*
  7. If sound is on bottom-end it could be rod bearing. Here is example of replacement part ... Or something internal may not have been torqued properly.
  8. This Youtuber, who is local to me, goes out and looks for parts regularly. HE is mostly into Celicas and Corollas, with special interest into 2ZZ-GE high performance versions of those cars (XRS, etc.):
  9. I have had no issues with "Toyota Parts Overstock" ... Prices are reasonable and are OEM.
  10. What is the need for coilovers? This would help us better advise you.
  11. Maybe ensure sensors are clean; ie Main Air Flow (MAF)? Does it seem like it is getting too much air or too much gas?
  12. I replaced my spark plugs earlier in the year using over the counter item from Toyota parts department. Works great on 2003 CE with 1ZZ-FE enginee with over 299,999 miles! Now, I just need to replace 10-year old battery when it dies. lol.
  13. Are we sure it is another layer of paint, or is it a protective coating (very popular nowadays) applied by owner or wrap shop.
  14. If people would just put the full URL, it would not look suspicious. It would look proper as in below ...
  15. Sorry, I have a defective Corolla (9th gen). They all max out at 299,999.