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  1. I had this problem when I used aftermarket replacement starters. It took ages to sort out. Car would start fine when cold, but couldn't re-start if warmed up. turns out the OEM starter will hit slower, then speed up if a start does not happen, giving you a good start every time. Aftermarket starters will not speed up the spark, just the same slow chug.
  2. So I just topped off the a.c. gases hoping for cooler air. It was at 35 psi, took it to 55. The problem has been it takes like 10-20 minutes for the air to get really cold. Compressor kicks in, air blows, it just takes forever to get cold - when it does, it stays cold until I park the car for a while. Seems to never get close to "really cold" unless I'm driving for 20-30 minutes. This is regardless of the temperature outside ... 80 degrees even. Same story if its 100 degrees. Wondering if there are noted fixes to the 2003 I need to address first? I have actually never serviced an a.c. - but do my own work.