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  1. Just bought the car, it starts from cold and idle is too low, then when driven it's ok, but when restarted the idle goes too low and stalls, its auto so not easy to stop stalling, there are no misfires i'm certain its not a plug or service issue, no eml is on, just seems as if the choke does not come on when cold and idle is way too low when warm but i cant find any idle adjustment, no vacuum leaks maybe a sensor but I have no idea where to look as its an unusual issue,
  2. Hi I have just got a 93 corolla auto, when you start it in the morning the idle is too low like the choke is not coming on and it will stall if put in gear too early, then it will drive ok when warm and tickover about 1100rpm in neutral, then if it gets warm in traffic and you stop the engine, when you restart the idle is too low again and car tries to stall, if you drive a while it seems to be ok when you have done a few miles, this is very frustrating, is there anything I can do? does anyone know where I can plug by obd2 in as the disagnostic plug under the bonnet is not obd2 is there a plug for obd2 anywhere in the car?? thank you