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  1. my 2002 corolla is on it's death bed, I use the cheapest oil.... ain't seen any problems with that...
  2. I had a 600$ exhaust, I think it was walker.... 2.5 years ago, now its making sounds again. Before that, I went real cheapo place twice, each time that would last 2 years... I am fed up, will go to dealership and have them install their after market brand... I am truly dissappointed the corollas go through mufflers like an oil filter...
  3. btw, I am using the same dealership oil (from imperial oil ) up here in canada as that supplied by a store chain with their cheap brand. Not sure if formulation is exactly the same.... but I read long ago it could be similar. I will bet that my corolla with 250k will not die a premature death due to engine problems related to oil quality...
  4. Doug, I am sure using the best oil will prolong the life of the engine, but the philosophy I have is the weakest link will go first, And I think it will not be the engine burning the oil up here in Canada. Cars are designed to self destruct to an engineered life span. Where I live, other parts, expensive parts, numerous, expensive failures will occur at some point in the life of the car at which point I must dump the car as it will become a money pit. In that scenario, The engine will be the last thing to worry about. The fuel line, the brake lines and all other forms of corrosion are ready to self destruct way before the engine looses compression due to "cheap" oil. I pay around $17 bucks canadian for 5 liters... I've always used the cheap stuff on my previous maybe 10 cars with cumulative mileage of over 1 million, never had to junk 1 car due to using cheap oil or lack of engine compression.
  5. i've used the cheapest oil up here in Cold Canada, no problems yet with my corolla, i think your wasting money...
  6. i have the second bulb that blew, the first one , I threw it out. The second bulb that blew looks clear, even the filaments looked intact, but when I inserted that bulb into the other side socket for a test, it would not light...
  7. maybe high voltage ?? faulty Headlight control module ??
  8. i had no name exhaust part, muffler plus some other parts installed 3 years ago, its making noise again, and it also sound like something comming from nearer to the engine... ****uming I need everything from the engine to the muffler, Is the dealership installed parts worth the extra cost ?? Thanks..
  9. ok, the engine now burning about 1 quart every 8000km
  10. fish, should I be changing the PCV ?? what are the indicators ?? thanks
  11. just conventional, cheap stuff, sometimes castrol. I never replaced it because I can't see it.
  12. i've had to replace the front ones as they were leaking
  13. replaced 3 wheel bearings on mine, even one at the back.
  14. fish , is it true that the rear wheel bearings being sealed , is not damaged by water itself, but by sudden cooling if it gets immersed in water like trailer wheels ??
  15. I sold my bigger boat that I used to tow with dodge caravan. after selling both I am thinking about getting a 200 lbs aluminum fishing boat +200 lbs trailer + 100lb motor so aprox 500- 600 lbs of towing. Is this easy for the corolla ?? I mean, little difference in acceleration and braking ?? Should it be easy to launch in moderate sloped marinas ?? Thanks..