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  1. Last one. Does anyone know what this hose is for, and whether the disconnected end of this hose should be connected to something? I managed to get a photo of the connected end, where it goes to the air pipe underneath the intake manifold. The upper end just sticks up; I don't see anywhere to connect it. Many Mahalos
  2. Finishing an engine swap / rebuild, a 7AFE engine in a 1993 Toyota Corolla. By the way, I took pictures before disconnecting things but lost the pictures in a computer crash. Anyway, does anyone know what this probe/sensor is, and whether I have to install it somewhere?
  3. Finishing up a 7AFE engine swap + rebuild. Does anyone know what the small empty socket is for here? (linked to picture on Edit: It looks to me like some of the grounding connectors but I can't find one that matches it. This socket is not depicted in Factory Service Manual - only the larger 4 connectors are shown.
  4. Greetings, I'm diagnosing a coolant leak, and have replaced my upper and lower radiator hoses as well as heater hoses. We'll see if that's fixed it, I'm unsure at the moment. Anyway, I put genuine Toyota red long-life coolant in it. However, I'm unsure how much water is left in the system (from when I flushed it with a garden hose connected in a back-flush valve kit I'd installed ). I'm trying for 50% coolant. To test the % I've ordered an E-Z Red S102 Anti-Freeze Hydrometer off Amazon for about $10. However I'm unclear as to whether that is the correct tool for this type of antifreeze. I understand some types of coolant require a refractometer, which is more expensive. Does anyone know for certain what tool is required?
  5. Thanks. A properly sized wirebrush cup would have been the perfect thing for me. I scraped at it with a dentist's pick, got some more material out, but I was afraid of ruining the engine block. No leaking from that area now, still troubleshooting my coolant system. With Aloha, Bill
  6. The CHILTON manual just says put power steering fluid in. Hopefully your local parts store has some available.
  7. I'm replacing my water pump, and the water pump o-ring groove on my '92 Corolla 140K miles has these impenetrable deposits in it, any ideas on cleaning it out? Q-tips don't give me much. It's awkward to get in there. Soak with acetone? My wife is picking some up at home depot. here is a picture:
  8. Hi Dom, I bought the car at about 120K miles about 4 months ago, I put the last 20K on it. For a while I was delivering Pizza. Recently I replaced much of the front suspension components because a lot of it was shot, so at that time I drained and replaced the trainy flood with Dextron III; after investigating thoroughly I ****ured myself that my style engine does not have a separate differential housing. Thanks for identifying the hose you're awesome.
  9. Hi all, My '93 Corolla at 140K miles broke its serpentine belt. Here is one more hose I'm trying to identify, does anyone want to try? Should I replace it while I'm replacing all the coolant hoses? This hose apparently goes from the engine down to the transmission area: I guess I should explain why this is the third post about hoses. My PCV hose was baked onto the engine into a glass-like substance that basically shattered and cracked when I pulled it of the valve cover. So, during this job I've been on the lookout for hoses to replace. The Chilton manual is not as useful as I'd like. It confuses Gaskets for O-rings, repeats steps, is sometimes innacurate, etc. I'm ready to invest in a factory manual. Aloha, Bill
  10. Hi all, My '93 Corolla 140K miles broke its serpentine belt. While replacing my hoses I noticed this small one coming from the radiator, does anyone know what it is? Aloha, Bill
  11. Hello everyone, What an awesome forum I have already got a lot of useful information just searching for what I need. Anyway, Would someone be able to identify the highlighted hose coming out of my valve cover?