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  1. I have a drivers side drum brake that I am trying to loosen to get the drum off. I am having issues with the adjuster. Which way do I turn the adjuster from the back to loosen off the shoes? I can see the threads of the adjuster on the right from the back, so I am ****uming I try to turn the adjuster downward?
  2. Rattle

    2004 Corolla 1.8L, hearing a rattle from below the engine when cold and in gear. Goes away when warm. I was underneath the car checking the exhaust. Sounds like its coming from the oil pan area. It has new belt tensioner, belt, and timing chain tensioner.
  3. rattle

    I tested the A/C system with the gauges. I am getting 22 psi static. Definitely low, the compressor is not coming on anymore. On another note I noticed the valve cover gasket is leaking along the back. Any favorites for brands to replace it with (Fel-Pro)?
  4. rattle

    From searching the site it looks like a hydraulic dampener is better than a spring. I made a mistake in the year of the vehicle. Its a 2004 Corolla.I know we replaced the belt a few years ago with an aftermarket. Not sure what brand. This A/C system uses R134a refrigerant? Can I mix another refrigerant in (12a) if its low? I have an A/C manifold test gauge kit.
  5. rattle

    What do you recommend for a replacement tensioner, hydraulic or spring?
  6. rattle

    The A/C is no longer blowing cold air and the rattle noise only happens when the A/C is on.
  7. rattle

    2003 Corolla has a rattle at idle. Its sounds like its coming from the belt tensioner. Its not a constant sound. When I get time I was going to pull off the belt and check the bearing in the tensioner pulley. Anything else I should be looking at?
  8. Hard Start

    Thank you for the ideas and the link to the "How to". I remember watching a video about that issue on you tube where South Main Auto covered how to replace that gasket. There is no lean or misfire codes, but I will check the fuel trim reading. I have noticed another strange thing. I will be sitting at a red light and sometimes the idle will pickup and then the car lurches like it wants to go.
  9. 2004 Corolla with 71,000 miles. Its been hard to start lately. Cranks over fine, just doesn't want to fire up right away. Looking for a common issue before I begin testing the temp sensor and fuel pressure. Is there a schrader valve on the fuel rail to hook up the gauge?
  10. Rear Brakes

    Wow, the local Toyota stealership wants $95+tax.
  11. I skimmed through the forum looking for ideas on brake brands. I just ordered Centric Premium shoes and drums for the wife's Corolla from RockAuto. Up here in the Great White North they like to screw us on pricing. The last set of drums and shoes I put on her car were Raybestos Premium and they only lasted 2.5 years. Quite disappointing to say the least. Thanks for your help on recommendations.
  12. Anyone here done an alternator rebuild? I am wondering where you get the brushes, bearings,---etc? I like to fix things rather than toss and replace. Much like done here:
  13. Hi, We have a 2004 Corolla and are looking for a maintenance schedule. The car is coming up on 100,000 KM and I dont want to forget anything. This is the wifes car, I am used to working on American cars. I plan on doing a coolant change and flush. I usually change out the thermostat when I do coolant flushes. Toyota dealership said that isn't necessary. Is this true for such a cheap part? Other thing that bothers me is the fuel filter. Do these vehicles have an inline fuel filter that needs changing? All I can find is reference to the sock type attached to the pump. Also is a valve adjustment needed on these engines? Thanks for any info.
  14. I will check all those things you guys have mentioned. I do know the cabin filter has never been changed. I recently changed the serpentine belt and noted the tensioner was good.Battery voltage and alternator output is within specs, so there is no problem with the voltage regulator. The sound is faint and last for a few seconds. It did it once while I was driving straight and not on the brakes. I asked her about it the other day and she says it has not made the sound in a while. Its only done this 3 times in the last month.
  15. Hi, My fiance's 2004 Corolla is making a chiming noise while driving. The seat belt is done up, no doors are open, and there are no warning lights on the dash. It makes this sound occasionally and its real faint. Sounds very much like wind chimes. Anyone know what this is? I have pulled up on the e-brake to see if it makes the noise...but nothing.

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