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  1. 2006 Corolla LE - 115,000 - Manual Transmission This started about six months ago. If I shift directly up from 2nd gear to 3rd gear there is a catch/grind as it goes into 3rd. It's not prolonged, it goes right into third but I can feel and hear it. To my uneducated ear, it seems to catch on a few gear teeth before fully engaging. If I pause in Neutral for a moment in the middle of the shift, it goes into 3rd smoothly. At first I thought I wasn't getting the clutch fully pressed but it only happens going from 2nd to 3rd and it has happened when I was fully aware of pressing the clutch down as far as it would go. It may be that this happens mostly when the car is colder and not so much after it has been driving for 20 minutes or more. That is an impression I haven't managed to confirm. It may also be that the length of that pause in Neutral needs to be longer than when I first noticed this. When I had the car in for recent oil change I asked them to look at it. They had no answers or conclusions but did say that the transmission fluid looked good with no discoloration and no bits of metal in it. Does this sound like anything anyone has run into before? Should I be worried? Thanks
  2. I recently bought a 2006 Corolla. One of the wheel covers was cracked and before I got to trying to fix/reinforce it it disappeared off to wherever wheel covers go when you aren't looking. A local parts yard found one for me but when I went to pick it up it was very Silver and didn't match the color of the 3 wheel covers I still have. (It was also in poorer condition than I was told so I didn't buy it.) I have been looking on eBay and other sites but when color is listed it's always silver. Does anyone know about the colors of wheel covers? I've decided to start over and get a set of 4-15" wheel covers on eBay or Amazon or someplace rather than pay more $$ for a single that matches what I've got. I just don't know what color to look for to match the car. The car is Gold, or as Toyota calls it, Desert Sand Mica.
  3. K_Watson - Thank you for the interpretation. Now I don't have to get a fistful of bolts and try each one until I find a fit. Cain - I'm not looking for an actual hitch. I want to use the threaded holes in the Corolla's structure for eye bolts for another purpose.
  4. I am buying a 2006 Corolla to replace the 1995 Geo Prizm I have been driving for 12 years. On the Prizm, the metal beam going back to the bumper had a flange that I could get a strap hook on to tie down my canoe. The equivalent beams in the Corolla are more of a box tube without any flange. However the mechanic that checked out the Corolla for me pointed out that the metal tube has threaded holes so a trailer hitch can be installed. I would like to install some eye bolts or hooks that I can hook straps to for my canoe. Does anyone know what size and thread the bolts for that installation are? I looked up a trailer hitch for an '06 Corolla and the specs said it came with 4 Hex Bolts - M12 x 1.25 x 35 CL8.8. I don't know how to read that to know what the bolt size and thread are. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Eric