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  1. Any recommendations on oil brands/types? Royal Purple? Any input is greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.
  2. I want to put some lowering springs on my daily driven 2003 Toyota Corolla CE. According to Megan Racing their springs lower the car about 1.5 in front and back. Mainly want to do this for stance and handling without sacrificing ride comfort on a budget.... Question is: is it worth it or should I just go pay the money and go with some Eibachs? Does anyone run these on their car or prefer/recommend a different brand for a daily driven 5 spd 2003 Toyota Corolla CE? Any input is greatly appreciated and thank you advance
  3. I'll go short ram or cold air. Question is, what kind of power differences does each give you and what sounds better? I would believe because the short ram is...well shorter, it would give it a "throatier" sound??? What are your thoughts on your Injen Intake???
  4. 2003 Corolla CE I'm leaning towards the K&N Typhoon mainly because of price and I dont plan on doing too much other than JUST the intake for the car but I want to make sure I get the best one possible. Just want to hear the opinions of those running those Intakes on any Toyota Corolla (1.8 1zzfe) between 2003-2008 Mainly want to go for a "performance sound" and nothing 'ricey' if you will..... Any input is greatly appreciated in advance

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