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  1. Me too. Glad I will have 4 more years of Toyota extended warranty. Just read in technician magazine at dealer that an attempt to fix an air conditioner on a BMW caused $4,500 damage to the electrical system. Also the heartache of replacing a key on a Mrercedes. No German cars in my future.
  2. New radio installed. Same model as old one.
  3. Thanks again. No oil consumption issue and synthetic oil changes earlier than every 5,000 miles. Guess I'll wait till 60K or some other repair in that area of the engine. Shame Toyota made this so costly. Used to be that Toyotas were advertised as "cheap to keep".
  4. Will do. The appointment is this Friday.
  5. Dealer listed the PCV valve as a 30K replacement interval even though the Toyota maintenance guide does not list it. I usually change these but asked the dealer for the cost to do it. Was told the PCV is under the intake manifold requiring much labor. Cost over $180. Saw an example on youtube and it looked like a big job. No drivability issues. Sounds early to do this given the terrible position of the part. What do you think?
  6. Leith tested the radio, found out that the CD component was totally messed up. opened a Toyota tech case, and ordered a new radio.
  7. Thanks, Fish. Tried 3 discs and still got the errors and the discs would not load. Leith will check it tomorrow afternoon. Still on 3/36 warranty + 4 more years from a Toyota Financial Services platinum warranty. I do get all the crazy problems.
  8. Have an appointment with my dealer next Tuesday and are on warranty but want to see if there's an external trick to fix this. Rarely use CD and would have preferred not to have it, but it was standard. Hadn't played a CD for over a year but decided to play one while waiting to pick up my grandson after school. Disk would not go in and start up. Could press it in and it then came back out. Indicator always says "CD IN", but eject does not do anything. Only had 3 CD's in car and they are all in the console. I am the only driver. Sometimes says "Reading Disk", other times says "Check CD". Looks like no CD in but can't see from outside. Tried a trick to hold power down along with eject for 15 secs. "CD In" flashes but no results. Anyone had this issue? Did dealer swap radio on warranty? Thanks
  9. Had the issue on my 2003 and 2008. Now, the issue affected my current 2013 Corolla. The lock would not go into valet (lockout) position. It also might hang up opening the trunk from valet lockout. Tried silicone spray but only worked for a week or so. Went to Walmart and got a spray can of white silicone grease with a small plastic straw to get in tight spots. Put it inside the lock assembly, not the key cylinder. Works great. Also used this lubricant for a light switch inside my fridge that stuck in the off mode. Another success.
  10. Thanks, Fish. Always happens moving slowly with light pressure on accelerator and heading on a slight downward slope after a light bump. Will discuss again with dealer at next service visit. Have plenty of warranty left.
  11. Three times it appeared like the "fly by wire" just dropped out like my mouse sometimes loses connection on my IMAC. Twice months ago, once last week. All going downhill slowly just after going over a bump. Never set a code, so dealer has nothing to diagnose. Car drops to idle rpm and pressing accelerator has no response. Turn off key. Restart. Works fine again. This could be serious for someone pulling into traffic.
  12. Keys

    Leith Toyota made me a non-chip door key to unlock the door or trunk. Did it free from the key code. Never screwed up the immobilizer when I tested it. My 2013 Customization Guide said the relock could be turned off by the dealer. Leith tried but could not get that to work. They could only change the time before re-lock. If your dealer gets it turned off, let us know and I'll ask Leith to contact Toyota support for help. I hate that feature too.
  13. It means that vehicles in their marketing area may have been modified by Southeast Toyota Distributors before release to the dealers. These mods may not have been properly tested before shipping.
  14. One good thing about manual trans. Just depress clutch if throttle sticks.
  15. Yes it can be switched off but pops on at next restart. All under hood connections are pristine and corrosion free.
  16. But it happened twice, three weeks apart. Will hope it doesn't occur at a dangerous time. Met a lady at dealer with a 2 year old Camry that had a glitch like this 10 times and just got a recall letter from Toyota about a software update. Advised her to go lemon law if this isn't fixed. Very dangerous to have throttle cut out when merging on a freeway.
  17. Had oil change today at dealer and asked about issue. Since MIL never lit, no codes were stored. Hasn't happened again yet.
  18. I'll include it in my next visit unless it messes up before service is due in a few weeks. Thanks
  19. My Corolla's only at 17K miles and is in warranty. When I once had an issue on my 08 Corolla. my dealer said codes automatically clear and the check light goes out after a few drive cycles. This is the main check engine light but perhaps some systems have, as you mentioned, another set of codes. Transmission fluid is original and checked by dealer every 5K. Doesn't look burned.
  20. Hi, Had something unusual occur twice and want to know if a diagnosis code might be out there for my dealer even though no failure light was displayed. 1. Both times was driving down a mild incline 2. Transmission in drive 3. First time - 2 weeks ago -- second failure yesterday 4. Car just stopped moving. depressing accelerator did nothing 5. Engine did not rev up as if it were in neutral or tranny slipping 6. Fixed by turning key off then back on 7. Car drives fine. tested downshift - OK Questions 1. Think it's tranny or accelerator control system (fly by wire)? 2. Could Leith Toyota retrieve any trouble code even though no service light was displayed? Don't want to go in now unless dealer has somewhere to start.
  21. Got about 17K on the OEM Continentals and they were about 4/32. My dealer had a great tire promotion through Southeast Toyota and offered me by 3 get one free with free 2 year road hazard. Their price was about $125/tire and the labor for mounting and road force balance was $120 (pay labor on all 4). Free rotations for life of tires (rated 90K). The car runs really great with Defenders with pressure raised a bit to 35 psi. Smooth and confident wet handling. Dealer's tire price was (egad!) very competitive. Dealer is out to sell tires. Anyone needing tires might want to consider these.
  22. My independent mechanic put high grade aftermarket pads on my two 2003 Corollas (no longer own them). This mechanic is good and polished the rotors. The cars both squeaked like city buses which went sway with OEM pads, Mechanic said he had the same issue with a police interceptor Crown Vic. Some pads just don't work right with OEM rotors.
  23. Can't you bring the owner's manual to court to explain how the DRL's work? An official Toyota document ought to be as good as a mechanic.
  24. Thanks. That's just the way I feel about handling @ 35 psi.