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  1. Shouldn't have any problems. As mentioned all bugs should be worked out. I have a 2013 S and love it.
  2. Well, I'm all for keeping and maintaining a vehicle for as long as you can. I am also one that tries to be environmentally sound (I'm not a tree hugger but do believe everyone can play there part) I hate to see oil dripping or being pushed out the tail pipe. Not to say your car does that. As far as a safety standpoint as well, it may be time to retire the ride and move on.
  3. I agree, stick to the name brand fuels. while I don't know if it matter or not I tend to think it is better to always buy from the same brand or two. I don't think it would hurt the engine or anything but I am just particular that way, I won't just fill up at any old gas station.
  4. I agree with corollamike, I always use the parking brake, even with automatic, even on flat ground
  5. the dash pulls apart easy. what I would do is go to a wrecking yard find a good one and pull it off and replace yours. should not cost to much.
  6. yeah that is what I'm worried about is how long it will last, but time will tell.
  7. I like to do easy and cheap mods. My bud is a cobbler and I figured why not have the shift boot and hand brake boot made in real leather. I figured regular bovine would do but he made them out of Ostrich. I think I am the only one that can say I have Ostrich leather in my Corolla.
  8. the mats custom made? nah, got them on ebay. Saw a set with blue stripping but there were money mulah. I am liking the shift knob, and in a few days all will be put together and posted up.
  9. here is a teaser I've been working on. I've had these things for some months now. They are in every door and cup holder. They have set the red tone in the interior this came in the other day of course had to get the red on it. when all is done will post more
  10. what I do is place the spare on the right front and take the front and move it to right rear. Then right rear to left front then left front to left rear and finally left rear to right front. It takes time to lift and lower vehicle each time but I can get it done in about 20 mins now.
  11. I would not buy them. I took a heavy mechanics course and these stands are frowned upon. Why? Well there have been cases of the teeth braking and the vehicle coming down on the person. Best ones to use and the ones that have the metal pin that goes through.
  12. well, so far all seems good. no issues with installation as of yet.
  13. I agree with fish. I have never needed to hire a lawyer but I do know THEY are PAID to prepare you case. Has this lawyer charged you yet? If they are not willing to help cut your losses and find one that will do their job. Also being your girlfriend was the one involved she might need to be the one to hire the lawyer
  14. Well, turned out they were not easier to do. After putting off doing my rear speakers (for background story read my front speaker thread) I decided to take everything apart and take a look at what I had to work with. Here is the stock speaker I then cut out the basket to fit the new speakers then I took the factory connector apart. I wanted to completely remove the factory wire but it is to delicate and I left as it I used shrink tube to keep the wires together. I thought this plastic was solid and I could screw new speaker into it (sorta what I did on my fronts) but when I took the foam off it turn out to be hollow. What I did was filled it in with epoxy glue where needed and glued the screws in it. this by far is the weakest link and hopefully it works cuz I don't want to take it all apart again. Sorry no pic of the marriage I cut down the molded plastic that extends and seals with the foam on the speakers so as to not have any clearance issues with new speakers