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  1. If something broke while they were cleaning it I would expect they would fix it, right?
  2. So far so good, i like being able to issue voice commands for things like phone calls and nav, and it is nice to see the album art for the ipod. I like that the nav calls out street names like my old Garmin, I need to get out this weekend and really try the system out.
  3. Here is a pic of the wheel and dash, although you cannot see the clock very well it is easy to read while driving
  4. thanks, the original Corolla took the impact so well that my wife and I walked away with a sore neck and back but no major injuries. Also the rear glass did not break and both rear doors still opened and closed, that little car really saved our butts. I'll see if i can get a pic for you (wife has her car today). So far I like the clock location, it has a hood over it so it is pretty easy to read. The wheel takes a little getting used to as it rolls through your hands coming out of a turn but it is not too dramatic of a flat area.
  5. and for the first change we tinted the windows... sorry for the second post but it would not allow me to post the third pic in the original post
  6. Recently lost our 2004 Corolla due to being rear-ended while stopped by a guy doing 45 mph. Now that the insurance is settled we went and purchased a 2012 Corolla S and am having fun getting to know this one. Just wanted to say a quick hi and then I will be back to lurking around.