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  1. I bought a resonator pipe and muffler. The nipple at the flang of the pipe that is facing the muffler is the same size as the muffler pipe, so the nipple does not slide into the muffler pipe. What mod should I do? Can I cut away the nipple? The pipe came with a metal ring gasket. What is torque spec of the two bolts holding down the flanges? Thanks. [ATTACH]21[/ATTACH]
  2. I have a 2000 Corolla, 200K miles with DTC P0420. It has a new spark plugs, few year old MAF sensor, and two new O2 sensors. The P0420 comes back every time soon after I clear the code with a scan tool. (Actually the code comes back quicker after the O2 sensors are replaced by new ones.) The scan tool cannot make plots, but every time O2 sensor 1 has low voltage (high O2 level), sensor 2's voltage also goes low within a second. I think this means the catalytic converter cannot remove much O2 from the upstream. I think I should still check if there are leaks in exhaust systems and fuel injectors. If I ended up needing a new catalytic converter, which brand, model would you recommend? I heard that some aftermarket ones don't work very well. Thanks,
  3. I have corrected spark plug oil bath problem (along with plug replacements with NGK laser iridium) a few months before P0420 came on. No blue smoke. (I have replaced the valve cover gasket already, but that did not stop all the leak.) One detail I neglected to mention. Right before P0420 came on, the front section the exhaust pipe, the part that is upstream of the catalytic converter, was replaced at a shop. What prompted me to do so was exhaust leak that I had been smelling in the cabin. The exhaust pipe job eliminated the exhaust leak, but P0420 came on soon after that. Wonder if the pipe job has anything to do with the code. I should probably replace the O2 sensors anyway, before going any further.
  4. I am in the process of diagnosing a P0420 (that repeatedly came back after erasures) on my 2000 Corolla. It has original O2 sensors and catalytic converters. The MAF sensor was a few year old and cleaned with electrical cleaner a few months ago. It also loses engine oil after driving (around 1 Qt per few hundred miles), but there is visible sign of oil on the out side of the engine, probably due to old gaskets. I am using a simple scan tool that shows numbers but cannot graph. The measurements described are taken a few minutes after the engine starts with engine spinning at around 2500 RPM. - O2 sensor 1 (Is this upstream?) is oscillating between around 0.1 V to 0.8 V. - O2 sensor 2 (Is this downstream?) was quite stable around 0.67V to 0.8V (with occasional excursion to low voltages; the excursions seem a little correlated with sensor 1, but not nearly as frequent) Can anyone advice me on how to interpret these findings, especially the sensor 2 reading, and give me an opinion on what could be bad and what other tests I should perform? I have posted images of live data from my scan tool in: (this forum's attachment size limit is too small for those images). Thanks,
  5. I changed a front bearing of my Corolla 2000 at a shop last year, but it is failing now. The same shop confirmed that it is the same bearing. Can someone suggest why? I read that tightening the axle nut too much can lead to premature bearing failures (the mechanic at this shop told me that he uses impact gun and not torque wrench for the axle nuts), the same mechanic thinks that if the knuckle is damaged, say having a crack, then that can do that too. I also wonder if a low quality bearing was used. I am leaning toward doing the next bearing change myself so that I can have more control of the parts and torques. It would be nice if I can buy the entire knuckle-bear-hub assembly so that I can avoid the difficult steps of pressing, but I haven't found any such new item on sale so far. Should I consider getting a used entire assembly from a junk yard? Thanks.
  6. Hi, My repair shop is quoting me $126 for replacing the mass airflow sensor on my 2000 Corolla (I did clean it before sending it to the shop and found that cleaning did not help the cold-engine hesitation problem.). Does that sound normal? I find it difficult to understand that such a small sensor costs that much. Does anyone know a good source for an aftermarket or OEM? Thanks.