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  1. That was OK back in the day - but not recommended for modern cars. The fuel pump in our cars is an immersion type - meaning that it is cooled and lubricated by gasoline. Driving to point of almost running out of gas will really shorten the life of these pumps - hence the reason why there is a generous reserve in the tank, even when the gauge indicates empty. Same way with premium gas - in most cases, it doesn't contain any more or less additives than regular gasoline, sometimes the refiner will "cheat" and add more alcohol to boost octane rating. Won't make the car run any better, but the alcohol can absorb moisture that is in the bottom of the tank, which could be beneficial - which is where this urban legend of sorts, probably got started. As for the stumbling when you step on the accelerator - I'd say double check that the throttle body is not gummed up, has a lot of varnish/carbon buildup. Double check that the PCV valve is clean and working properly, double check for vacuum leaks - especially if you recently Seafoamed the car - real easy to introduce a vacuum leak or forget to put a vacuum hose back on after Seafoam treatment. Also this being a 2000 Corolla? Check and clean the MAF/IAT sensor. These are pretty easy to get fouled, and many have found great results by just cleaning them. Check online for MAF cleaning - lots of DIY guides out there for reference. There should also be one on this forum as well. Since the longer the car is sitting, the harder it becomes to start - could be related to a leaky injector or oil fouling from leaking valve seals. Do you notice a puff of smoke after the successfully fires up? If there is, what color - bluish white smoke, black soot like smoke, white smoke, any odors? Plugs - stick with OEM style iridiums, this engine seems to be pretty picky about plugs. Double check chassis grounds - a ground loop can cause problems down the road, as the ECM is very sensitive to noise. Okay, I can live with that being an urban legend. I heard that if your car wasn't made for the higher stuff, spening the cash on the higher octane won't matter. Is that true or somewhat true? Not that this question matters all that much to me at the moment... The PCV value, MAF and the what now? I don't notice any odd smells, or smoke. I stayed with the original plugs. Im not sure what the chassis ground is.. I thought the chassis was grounded through the tires? Ignorance is bliss at times. Ill darn darned if I stay in the dark. Feed me your brain, fishexpo101! Pronto!'s a tablespopon, shiny and silver.
  2. User manual / repair manuals look on ebay for them. Your car looks just like mine--mine's wrecked though. To me sounds like fuel filter stopped up. Did you ever run it out of gas completely? It's gotten pretty close a few times, been told it's a good idea to drain the gas tank - then put in the expensive gasoline to help clear out the insides a little bit.
  3. Okay, so it's gotten to the point where it'll stall out early on when I press down on the Accelerator. When I startup, and try to go forward, it feels like it's choking, slumps down and the car feels like it's just seizuring until I let off the accelerator.
  4. I just checked the air filter, it looks clean enough to eat with.
  5. Thanks for the reply, Oneton95. I'll add seafoam tomorrow at work - since more of the people will be away during this time. I just bought a Haynes Repair Manual for the corolla Nice to see that it covers what I got. I bought replacement spark plugs, and with this paycheck, ill be buying wires to try to help it along. Im pretty sure the air filter is decently clean, but I'll check. I have to ask, I heard that putting seafoam in your car will get you a large cloud of stuff out the exhaust, will putting the seafoam - the way you told me to do it (1/2 gas and oil) will do the same thing?
  6. Hi there! Im having issues with my corolla. I don't know much about cars and I don't have a user's manual - I bought this car used 160k miles back. Couple questions: 1) Seafoam. Where do I put it in? 2) My car has lost it's sense of urgency on the accelerator. 3) The car stalls out while startup after a length of time turned off. It's getting worse, as it's a lot harder to startup now. 4) Where can I find a user's manual? I've found pleasure working on my car recently. I feel some sort of accomplishment working on my corolla. But while I was with my grandparents, my grandfather did all the work.. which meant taking it to the garage. This is my corolla.. back when the engine light was off, when it didn't have the pleasure of driving the interstate multiple times for 13 hours one-way, and didn't get car doors slammed into it. Apparently before I put in my CD players... phew... 5+ years ago!

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