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  1. i was wondering if i can upgrade my steering wheel and airbag from my 2001 toyota corolla le with a: toyota rav 4 all trims steering wheel and airbag 2001-2003 toyota celica all trims oem steering wheel and airbag 2000-2005 toyota mr-2 all trims oem steering wheel and airbag 2000-2005 toyota corolla s oem steering wheel and airbag 2001-2002 toyota corolla all trims oem steering wheel and airbad 2003-2008 if yes, i would like to know if anyone from the forum already have done this upgrade? any pics? also, i would like to know if only need the new steering wheel and the driver's side airbag, if will fit on my oem 2001 toyota corolla oem airbag plug? or i need to buy another plug to connect the upgraded airbag. thanks for your help guys i want this upgrade because i do no like my oem steering wheel, i prefer 3 spoke oem toyota steering wheel, no matter if the color is black instead brown.
  2. hi there... i mean older scion xd 4x100 oem wheels ... i'm still thinking about what size should i wear... i need to know if the 205/55R15 will fit the stock suspension without rubbing... thanks
  3. hi everyone... i have some 15" 4x100 wheels that i will to install in my 2001 toyota corolla le (us version) i was wondering if the 205/55R15 tires will fit on my car without any rubbing problems??? i want this size because i want to take care of the wheels i already check with tire size calculator but any of these show the size that i want to install please help me, i want a beefy tire. without runbbing problems... 205/50r15 will be skinny tire for me....
  4. hi community... this is will be my first post on i recently got a 2001 toyota corolla LE from my Godfather, also, i bought a set of 15" scion xd oem wheels, but i'm not sure about what size of tire should i buy to wrapped up these 15" wheels. i have a dilema between 205/55rR15 or 205/50R15, anyone have these sizes on their corolla 1998-2002? any rubbing issues? if there are no rubbing i will prefer to install the 205/55rR15 instead 205/50R15, because i like more rubber. thanks for helping me, i will post some pictures of my wheels after installation