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  1. Corolland Members, It is with deep regret that this evening I wrote Dave and informed him that effective immediately I am resigning my position as a moderator of this forum. Due to circumstances in my life, I am no longer able to devote the amount of time it takes for me to be an effective moderator for the membership of this forum and I do not feel it is fair to all of you for me to continue to occupy one of the limited number of moderator positions that are available on this forum when someone else with more time could be occupying that position. This occurred to me this week when I got almost 20 messages in my email about SPAM while I was at work and I was unable to do anything about it. I just kept thinking that the forum has been SPAM free since I was made the first forum moderator in 2005 and I was letting you all down by not jumping on here right away and removing it. It isn't right for me to have allowed that to happen and I'm sorry to any member who felt let down because of the SPAM on the forum. I just want to let everyone know that this forum has helped me immensely over the years to care for and maintain my Corolla and it has helped many co-workers and friends to do the same. I have also got a lot out of moderating this forum in terms of learning how to manage the various aspects of my life. I'll still be around when I can. Thanks to everyone who has helped me over the years here and a special thanks to Fish and Bitter for covering for me while I've been too busy to do my job here.
  2. So you got Etune with Navigation also, I see. Played with that yet? Just curious as to your impressions of it. I'm driving a 2012 Focus with SYNC and was just wondering how Etune compared.
  3. Nice car, looks a lot like mine, but mine is a 2010. I like the wheels on yours better. Any way you could post any interior pictures of the dash? I'm curious as to how that flat bottom steering wheel really looks and if the clock is any easier to read on top of the dash instead of behind the shifter. Looks like your old Corolla took a hit, hope you didn't suffer any injury other than the loss of the car. Anyway, congrats on your new purchase.
  4. Let's forget the interior and exterior styling because that's up to the individual as to if they like it. What I want to know is engine and transaxle changes and interior option content and feature availability.
  5. I don't keep hardly anything in the car, never open the glove box and never touch anything on the dash of the Focus. I'm 5'9" and 160 lb and have never hit anything on the Focus interior either. For me I'd rather have a Corolla that was more like a Focus. As for the Elantra, it lacks some feel but it has a nice feature set, the seats are hard but so are those in BMW and Mercedes Benz cars and people like those. The car looks slick and it might sound tinny but it does well in crash tests. If I wasn't somewhere so far from a Hyundai dealer I might consider one. If the 2013 Corolla isn't a very different car from mine or the price doesn't stay the same for a loaded one, I will look for another car, maybe a Prius.
  6. I drive a 2012 Ford Focus several times a week, it has a six speed "automatic" and it has all the right gears and never hunts for gears, shifts roughly or takes a while to shift. I have driven the five and six speed automatics in the Civic and Forte Koup and still like their shift logic better than the Corolla's. Did some cars have bad six speed programming two years ago, yep. I don't think they have the shift all the time issue anymore. My car isn't my closet or office or anything else either. I have the owners manual a small bottle of hand sanatizer and a chap stick in addition to my manual and insurance/ registration. However, I feel like soft touch materials are necessary because the competition has them. In addition, I feel the hvac is less than powerful. I have a remote start and while on the Focus the car will cool down in one ten minute start, the Corolla takes fifteen minutes. The seats lack any lumbar support and the rear seat headrests block the rear view. The two compartment console from the 9th generation is gone. The car also needs a better color scheme for the 'S' model, black is hot and hard to keep clean. I'm no saying I dont like my car, I do. I have most of the toys so it's a decent car but some things about it are cheap. I bought the car because of the payments being reasonable and my experience with Toyota. It isn't like I would take it back, but I would have liked a Bluetooth system and a dual level console with a soft lid.
  7. I totally disagree with everyone here on keeping the Corolla the same, a change would be welcome, just to keep things fresh. The Corolla remains a solid car, but its near the end of its life cycle and newer cars have come out recently that are serious competition for it. If Toyota wants to keep up with the Civic, Focus and Cruze, they will change the car and we know they want to keep up. A more upscale interior and some more luxury oriented options like leather, heated seats and climate control would be welcome additions.
  8. I just turned over 13,000 miles on my 2010 'S' I got it June 28th, 2010, so I've had it for a couple months less than 2 years. It sits a lot and I really only drive shorter trips. Most of the miles that she's had put on her are highway miles driving from Michigan to Ohio to visit family.
  9. You need two things. The car is already fitted with the antenna. What you need is the tuner and fit kit. The fit kit includes the wiring and mounting bracket. is a good resource with good pricing.
  10. Sorry to hear about your accident but at least you're ok. As far as the insurance, you can argue with them on the value somewhat, but generally there is a value that they will not go over when replacing your car. I own a 2010 Corolla 'S' and I have a couple of things you should check for. Firstly, make sure the trunk opens with the inside release and key as well as the remote and closes easily. If it doesn't, insist they apply the tsb to correct this issue before driving off with the car. Secondly you need to visually inspect the serpentine belt. If it has any cracking, splits or fraying, it needs replaced. Certain 2010 Corollas were fitted with a poor quality belt. It was supposed to be replaced under TSB, but sometimes dealers don't inspect such things so its something you need to watch out for. Thirdly, look at the tires. Most likely they are Goodyear Eagle RS-A variety. Those tires wear fast and don't work well in rain or snow once they are more than half worn. If the tread depth is less than 5/32", they are half worn. Other than that, there are just a couple of things to pay attention to. The clock is in a bad place, under the climate controls. The trip computer is on the left display under the tachometer and it can only display 1 piece of information at once, forcing you to toggle to display the outside temperature. The optitron gauges are really bright and the dimmer switch is the trip odometer reset knob, awkward to turn and it isn't dependent on outside lighting. What that means is that if you dim the gauges at night when your headlights are on, in the morning when your lights are off, you're still going to have dimmed gauges, its a constant adjustment. The electric power steering takes some getting used to also.
  11. BUMP up due to a move to this sub forum.
  12. That is one nice looking ride. It also looks to be fully loaded and in really good shape for a car with almost 50,000 km on it. I've always been impressed by Subaru vehicles. As an engineer, their attention to detail and the philosophy of better driving and safety through engineering (I.E. using extra bearings in the wheel bearings, symmetrical AWD and a boxer engine to lower the center of gravity) has always set especially well with me. As I now live in Michigan and the weather here is a little harsh in the winter, I have been considering a Subaru more than ever. I was actually looking at a 5 speed 2012 Impreza 2.0i Premium earlier today and I was really happy with what I was looking at. It's entire driving feel is better than that of the Corolla, and when equipped with alloy wheels, sunroof and the all weather package, a 2012 Subaru Impreza 2.0i Premium with a 5 speed costs about a thousand dollars more than my 2010 Corolla S Auto, but for that extra grand you get heated seats and windshield, bluetooth connectivity and sirius plus the AWD. The interior is nicer, better put together and more thoughtfully designed, like the clock isn't in front of the gear selector as on my Corolla. The fuel economy is less, but I really don't care about that as my Corolla no longer gets anywhere near the ratings with my short trips to work and around town and for the extra traction AWD gives you in winter, I'd sacrifice some MPG. Toyota used to have a class leader in the Corolla, but not anymore. The Impreza, Civic, Mazda3, Cruze and Focus are all better cars IMHO. I currently have a 2012 Focus and it is a better car in every way than my 2010 Corolla is, but it still has the problem of being a FWD car which is what I'm trying to get away from. I don't want to drive my F150 all winter because of snow, it gets 12mpg in city driving, so it seems like the Subaru would be a good choice. Anyway, congrats on the new ride, hope you enjoy it.
  13. My Corolla is a NUMMI built car, and vehicles built there have slid in terms of build quality since I bought my first NUMMI built Corolla. I will be calling Toyota Customer Satisfaction on this issue because as you said, it was a safety concern and it was due to a defective part.
  14. Fellow Corolland members, I have the issue with my trunk resolved and there is good news and bad news surrounding this situation. The good news, my trunk now works correctly, the bad news is that they charged me to fix it. The car is well below 12,000 miles, but just over 12 months in service and Toyota only pays to adjust things within the first 12 months or 12,000 miles whichever comes first, so I was asked to pay for the repair. Luckily because of my knowledge of automotive engineering, I was able to argue with them that the problem was that the self centering bolts used to attach the striker to the body caused a misalignment between the striker and the trunk latch. I argued with them that my trunk lid isn't perfectly aligned side to side and so if the latch is perfectly centered on the trunk lid and the striker is perfectly centered to the body of the car, they were not going to align properly. I stated this was a manufacturing issue that caused my trunk not to open or close properly and that it was more than a convenience issue to me, but a safety issue. The Regional Manager had to get involved and he agreed that it was probably a manufacturing issue and that there was a corrective action for this issue. The Service Manager looked up the corrective action, which I have a copy of that states that if the trunk doesn't properly open and takes "excessive force" to close that the striker is misaligned and that it can't be adjusted with the self centering bolts used in the assembly of the car. The bolts are replaced with regular bolts, the striker adjusted and then everything tightened. After they applied the corrective action recommended by Toyota, the trunk functioned properly. I was there for 3 hours, but it works, so its all good. Here is my issue, while I'm happy that they agreed to fix it and they only charged me $13.91 for a quarter hour of labor and 2 bolts and 2 washers, I'm not happy that Toyota didn't want to cover my issue under warranty when the failure was clearly caused by a manufacturing defect. I shouldn't have had to pay anything since the car was manufactured incorrectly. If this was a Ford product, there would have been no question as to if it was going to be a warranty repair regardless of if the car was 2 days old or 2 years and 364 days old. Way to go Toyota for trying to screw over your customers by only warrantying adjustments for 12 months and not 36 and for not fixing you own manufacturing defects on your increasingly low build quality automobiles. I hear Hyundai warranties everything you bring the car in for as long as it falls under the bumper to bumper warranty period, might have to consider them next time. Moral of the story: If anything is out of adjustment on your car, take it back immediately or pay out of pocket for the repair.