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  1. Thanks for all the input peeps, I live in Kentucky by far I wouldn't consider it the "great white north " , it does seem to burn some oil. When I check the oil, it seems that the level drops about 1/16 " or so not much, it's still in the scale of operation mode. I don't know what else to do, I have been resetting my odometer every time I fill the tank. Dunno, if anything else I can fill you in with let me know.
  2. 124000+ miles, not sure about the last tune up I've only owned it for a year. Oil change was a few months ago...probably due for a tuneup....what do you think has to be repaired in it?
  3. I have a 2002 Toyota Corolla, it has been getting horrible gas mileage of late, it does need an oil change but that shouldn't be the main culprit why its getting such bad mileage. Just to give you an idea, I checked the odometer and I put 88 miles on it in town driving. But it went thru half a tank of gas! I notice also periodically I have to add oil to it like it is burning a bit of oil. Any ideas what could be the culprit to this? Thanks!
  4. I have a wrecked 98 corolla, also have a 98 camry in great shape except the motor is shot. Is it possible to swap the engine out of the corolla into the camry? Just wondering if anyone as done this or if its possible. Thanks!
  5. User manual / repair manuals look on ebay for them. Your car looks just like mine--mine's wrecked though. To me sounds like fuel filter stopped up. Did you ever run it out of gas completely?
  6. From what I understood is if you use the seafoam thru the vacuum lines that's when it'll smoke for a minute or so. It doesn 't smoke if you add to oil or gas...there is a video on youtube of a dude who spoke with a guy who works for the company who makes seafoam. He said the best results happen from adding to oil and gas. I've never added to vacuum I don't know about it.
  7. Did you ever find out anything about adding Cruise Control to a 01 Corolla? I would like to add it to my 02. Thanks
  8. I used this stuff it worked pretty good. I don't know if you could solder it, I was worried about cracking the glass. My bad this one...
  9. I used this stuff it worked pretty good. I don't know if you could solder it, I was worried about cracking the glass.
  10. Seafoam awesome stuff. They say add 1/3 to the fuel and a 1/3 to the oil. But you are safe doing half and half. I swear by seafoam great stuff! Make sure that you change the oil after a few weeks. They say 100 miles or so, but I just added seafoam and I'm broke and can't afford all the oil change crap so you'll be fine just make sure you check it often. It'll be real dirty cause the seafoam cleans everything up. But change the oil soon enough. As for you acceleration...have you checked or changed your air filter? Your airfilter is probably the problem. Then next thing to think it might be is fuel filter or fuel pump if the prob isn't fixed with air filter. Fuel filter and fuel pump are under the rear seat on the driverside. It's relatively easy to remove. I just did it this afternoon actually. But I never replaced the filter or pump, I just emptied the gas tank. But, 9/10 chance it's the airfilter start with the easy fix first!
  11. I did it thanks very much it was pretty simple just going and removing the back seat and removing the fuel pump. Thanks
  12. Ya, it's a 1998. So just pull out the back seats and disconnect the fuel pump and I should be able to siphon it from there? I'll try that...hope it's as easy as it sounds.
  13. My car has been wrecked, but has a full tank of gas. How would I get the gas out of the tank other than drop the tank? Would I be able to siphon it out? Or perhaps is there a way to run it thru the fuel pump? I was just wondering if there was an easy way. I've heard that you can't siphon it because there is something in the tank that'll block a hose from entering it. If anyone knows please tell me I need the gas in there haha... Thanks
  14. I am looking for a wiring diagram for an 02 Corolla. The reason being, I've swapped the seats from my 98 to my 02 now my seatbelt light keeps flashing. When I disAssembled the seats from the 02 there wasn't any wire connected to the seat. Though there was a black and red wire beneath, not connected. What would these wires be? When I installed the 98 seats then the seatbelt light is flashing all the time. If someone could Assist me in hooking up the seat so the annoyance would stop would be great! Thanks!
  15. Would the transmissions likewise be interchangable between a Non-VVTI & a VVTI engine?