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  1. Thanks for this information! If it happens to me, I'll know what to do.
  2. This is a lesson for everyone. People who are rushed or seem antsy or otherwise distracted are best left alone until they calm down. One has to develop the sense to know what's in the air and decide if they should stay or leave.
  3. Wow, how worse can it get? Wait until the glass snaps or the motor burns up? That's crazy! I'd take your Corolla somewhere else... I mean, if my dealer said that to me--and depending on my mood--I'd rip him or her a new one or take my Corolla elsewhere. Wasn't it patently obvious that the window's operation is compromised? No, I do not know the location of a circuit board, if there is one, but am pretty sure there is, as it was mentioned in the safety recall. Nah, I just don't like it that your dealer treated you so poorly. Seriously, I'd take it somewhere else and have it repaired ASAP.
  4. Question: Has the safety recall concerning the power window switch been performed? If so, did the window display this problem before the repair, or afterward? If you haven't had the service, which is free by the way, perhaps you should take it in to see if the switch may be a cause. Little chance that the problem is related to the switch, but Toyota recommends the repair. I think there is a small circuit board in the mix somewhere.
  5. Park on any slope, whatever the degree of incline, and apply the parking brake = what everyone should do all the time. Call me crazy, but I apply the brake wherever I park and have an automatic trans.
  6. cirrus, I'll bet you could fill the scratch and find paint that would match. A good automotive paint store should be able to match the paint--and by match, I mean not only the color of the black (all blacks are not equal) but the matte finish, too. The gas fill cover could probably be bent back into shape. Probably was bumped into while open, and the hinge got bent a bit or whatever. Only 16,000 on a 3-year-old car is a good find! Just remember the scratch on the dash and the bent fuel door isn't the car's fault!!!
  7. For me, inching up at a stoplight took some practice. A little too much throttle, even when I feather it, can make my '09 S jump. Was inching up at a light once, and in a flash, I was heading right for the car in front of me. Let me tell you, that was scary--the kind of scary that makes a person kind of lose it a little. The experience was quite a jolt, I can tell you. So now I'm extra extra careful when applying just a little throttle. Perhaps there is some calibration with the fly-by-wire acceleration system that's causing it. Don't know. Am also unsure if this is the problem others experience. As an aside, I've yet to experience the issue in my wife's '09 Focus SEL, which I drive every now and again.
  8. Dom, Do you know if this procedure will work for an '09 Corolla? In the meantime, I'll try this. Thanks
  9. I use Turtle Wax Express Shine on my '09 Corolla. I like it. Shines good, lasts long time.
  10. Yeah, I'd thought of taking some "How I Did This" photos. Might as well, as it would be a first for the entire freakin' Internet. I've yet to find a single explanation or video or photo about the 10th-gen sunroof. Depending on the severity of the damage, I may look to find a way to repair the sunroof I have now.
  11. Thanks for the reply. Was advised by a Toyota technician that 4 Torx screws hold the sunroof to the lift bars (or whatever they're called). Said it can be removed in the closed position straight up and out and replaced in about half an hour or so. Doubt I'll locate a wreck, but as it happens my wife's cousin has a towing/recovery business, and has been able to locate parts for another vehicle of ours. We're going to ask him to find one.
  12. 2009 Corolla S Rust has eaten a significant portion of the left front corner of my sunroof. Drain hole appears to be clear of debris. Rubber seal surround is distorted, but have experienced no interior leakage. Sunroof tilts and slides just fine. I'd like to have some knowledge under my belt before I deal with repair shops, so I have a few questions: 1) Is there a good fix for this without having to replace the entire sunroof; 2) Can the sunroof be removed without removing the headliner; 3) Are there good sources for a replacement sunroof glass and frame if no repair can be made; 4) On a scale from 1 to 5, how easy or difficult would this be to do myself? Photos: 1) View from above; 2) View from inside the car. Thanks
  13. Just for giggles, I searched for "automotive tool kits", and there were many results. I would imagine some of those would be very good. As always, you get what you pay for, so you'll never go wrong with the better-made stuff.
  14. Make a video of it, post it to YouTube, and advertise it by posting links to it everywhere. Be very detailed and specific in describing the problem, such as the fact yours is a Tupelo Corolla, when you first noticed the rust, and so on. Send the video to Toyota USA, too. Be honest and relentless.
  15. I dig the VVT-i badge much more than I do the TRD one. And that they're chrome makes more of a statement than the black finish of the TRD badge.