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  1. I hope I am not stating something that has been discussed in the past, But I changed the oil out at 700 miles and boy was it hard to the oil filter off. Has anyone else have this problem.Also when is it considered a good point to switch over to synthetic oil? Thanks. P.S. great little car
  2. Hello I was here ahile back didnt do much posting, even got in trouble once, but anyway I sold my 1999 Corolla back in 2005 for a 2003 Tacoma, which turned out to be a lemon , That was replaced for a 22006 Tacoma quad cab -6, anyway after 15 months of 50 dollar fill ups and nothing better than 300 miles per tank. I thought it was time to get another Corolla. A 2008 Silver Corolla S. Got the auto blah blah blah. Paid 17000 with ABS etc. Anyway drove it two days the gauge just moved. Are these Corolla's as good as the past generations?
  3. yes it does yes it does call them they will attempt to tell you it does not exist but.......... IT DOES
  4. After reading many toyota forums, I had read several times about a rebate of some sort offered by toyota.I had called several times and inquired about it. Each time I was told it was for future purchases of vehicles. Not so.. it is a one time $ 400 rebate good towards services or products, it is good for 12 months after issuance. The way it works is have vehicle serviced at dealer for up to $ 400, or purchase $ 400 dollars worth of goodies at the local STEALERSHIP and toyota will refund you the cash with proof of purchase. As I have said awhile ago i had traded in my corolla for a tacoma , this is my way of giving back to the forum for all the time and cash you folks have saved me over the past year. BADANDY
  5. Hey folks I'm back.. Had to bring my new Tacoma back to the dealer for some B.S. they tried to screw me with. And they gave me a 2005 LE as a loaner. I wanted to report how it held up to some high ( really high) RPMS. Well I was traveling along at 75 mph and somehow it got into low gear,,,and I left it there while applying more throttle.. OOPS............. But it adjusted and handled it until the rev limiter kept interuptng the fun. Then after that,... it was all out drag racing at every possible traffic light or corner. I was going at it with civics/ focus/accords/camrys/corollas/ and to be honest I won every time... the secret...... it was not my car, so the sky was the limit in the rpm range.............only drawback was that my 1999 LE drove better in my opinion. the 2005 only got about 9 mpg ..... maybe my leadfoot had something to do with it ....
  6. Was at Sunrise Toyota located in Oakdale NY and noticed a Mobil One brochure listing all the benefits of Mobil One , and it had Toyota printed all over it .....stating how Toyota recommends Mobil One
  7. After a 7 year span of time my 1999 LE Corolla has been traded in for a 2003 Tacoma Quad-Cab... I wanted to thank you all for your knowledge,, You have helped me with my Corolla at least a half a dozen times..Best of luck and health to all
  8. Wrecked

    Auto, new rubber/brakes/all fluid has been changed/alarm
  9. Wrecked

    Long Island , what is a 1999 worth? It's a LE with ABS and it is CHERRY
  10. Wrecked

    Buy my 1999 LE that has 65,000 miles
  11. Towing

    Anyone on this board ever tow with their Corolla? Any thoughts or comments on this would be great
  12. Every new vehicle I have ever purchased I have done the following. At 1000, 2000, 3000 miles I would change the oil and filter.During the first several thousand miles of a cars life so to speak the engine will go thru a break in period in which piston rings/bearings/valves etc get to know each other and during this courtship metal shaving"s etc, are the by-product. So why would you want to leave this material circulting thru your engine.When all 3 oil changes would less than 50 dollars for the do it yourself mechanic.
  13. So you will allow him to operate your precious Corolla for the sake of having it moved so as not to get a summons. But he isn't alowed to Drive it ????????????..Come on........That sounds to one sided if you ask me . Trust him to use the car. Write down the mileage and let him know this. Check the oil before you leave, and the gas in the tank. Let him know that if uses the car he will be responsible for any damage.And replace the gas. You can even add him to the insurance policy for the time you are away so they have him listed as a person on the policy in case something happens...........
  14. sears has a really good oil filter wrench that is made of metal, it slips over the end of the filter like other wrenches. you use a 3/8 ratchet that fits into the end of it. the wrench then bites into the filter as you turn the ratchet costs 10 bucks and can be used on multiple filters
  15. could be that the front pads are missing the required hardware that are supposed to be replaced or removed from the used pads and transferred to the new pads when pad replacement is performed
  16. Hey Mike , I had the same problem just recently after a lug nut was broken by Costco and after i had fixed it myself, I used a heavier hammer than I shoud have and I guess I ate to much spinach that day because after I fixed the lugnut my car ate 3 wheel bearings in 2 months. turns out that I bent the hub it was 8 one thousandths of a inch out instead of 2 one thousandths which is the maxium the mechanic said . Dont know if that was bullsnip or what but the car is all fixed 200bucks was bill good luck
  17. Had the same thing 4 months ago thanks to Costco mounting my tire, seems they cross threaded a lug nut on the front passeenger side. Any way I had them reimburse for what it would have cost to have it replaced by my mechanic. It was around 90$ . And I replaced it myself only problem I learned is that 10lb hammer was alittle too heavy because I damaged the wheel bearing by hitting it too hard .So after 3 wheel bearing replacements in 2 months they finally realized that the hub was bent 8 one thousandths when the max is 2 one thousandths.It was just done yesterday we shall see how that goes. You can drive the car you may get a vibration because the missing lugnut detracts weight from that wheel and the tire will seem unbalanced. if you decide to fix it yourself get a lighter hammer than i used. it should have cost me 3 dollars had I not whacked the hub too hard. it cost me 300 total for bearing and hub replacement . good luck.........
  18. ask dealer if there is any service bulletins regarding your year corolla there probably is one. I have a 2004 Sienna and it was making a rattle in the rear sliding door area. only time it would happen would be on rough roads or cold weather. dealer located a bulletin regarding door lathc assembly. door latch was replaced with one that had a thicker rubberized coating and it cured the problem
  19. sounds like a lemon to me , that sucks but I would do like the rest of the folks here say only thing different is that I would go to another dealer, or better yet bring it to another dealer and have them diagnose the problem then bring that repair estimate invoice back to the original scummers that you were dealing with in the first place
  20. word to the wise , next time you decide to photograph your vehicles, take off or cover the license plates. We now know at least the make and model and plate of the Lincoln .
  21. I'' ve read alot of pretty good info in regards to syn. oils on this site . My question is when is it a good time to switch . I own a 2004 Sienna with 2000 miles on the odometer. Should I do it now or wait until the engine has more miles on it ?
  22. you guys argue over these cars like they mercedes benz's its a corolla a cheap little car
  23. Anyone use the Bosch twin ground electrode plugs instead the dealer recommended DENSO K16TR11 or NGKBKR5EKB-11 and if so which gave the best results. thank-you
  24. My 1999 idles 1200-1400 cold and 650 warm and it is smooth as glass.