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  1. Havent'checked oil filter prices lately, but a lot of us find good prices & excellent service at
  2. Totally normal to get lower mpg in winter due to winter blend gasoline, and the car not running at peak efficiency because of the cold and higher idle at start-up. Snow-tires - Bridgestone Blizzak is a good choice; Michelin & Pirelli also offers nice snows. Check out for more ideas. Try to avoid using the high-volume discounter tire places. Check your local BBB to see who has a good rep. My Corolla does okay with its all-seasons, but I'm south o' the Mason-Dixon line and don't see massive amounts of snow. That said, the occasional foot or so does fall, and it hasn't stopped me yet.
  3. Pretty normal to have the very high idle when cold, especially in winter. There's a thread somewhere about "hunting idle" that has to do with when that noise and vibe are NOT normal. Mine is so high and loud it's embarrassing, but, it's okay - just normal for the 03-08s. You might want to clean your throttle body - a dirty one will give you a rough idle - check on plug situation, too. The Corolla engine is pretty noisy, owing largely to it having a timing chain as opposed to belt. Welcome to Corolland!
  4. New Tires

    BFs 99 mentioned are fine, Yoko TRZ excellent. Michelin Harmony & Goodyear TripleTred are also highly recommended. Go check out for more ideas.
  5. I get excellent beading with Tech Wax - been using it for years now. Wonder why you're not getting the same, Ghost?
  6. Could be the starter, or bad battery terminals.
  7. Might even be something in your glove box.
  8. Most everybody here is a Meguiar's fan. I use their Scratch X, Deep Crystal System polish, and NXT Tech Wax. Check out the appearance thread for more.
  9. Shuttering

    Welcome to the forum, Saber. Glad you got your injector fixed, but I doubt Twinky or I have that problem, since wheel balancing makes the vibrating stop.
  10. Shuttering

    Happens to me every time I rotate but don't balance. Not sure why. In my case, I'm thinking the tires are aging and they're out of round. Any chance you have the same issue?
  11. Meguiar's Plast-X. Search on the subject, too, as it's been covered here before in the "Appearance" area.