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  1. Thanks for the reply I checked and all hoses are connected. It starts now nicely. It takes about 4 minutes sitting to get to 1000 rpm idle steady no jumps. Seems good to me. Is this now normal? 1000 rpm is the right idle speed? If you think i still have a vacuum leak are there any tricks to finding one and stopping it?
  2. This forum is great. Your response dom was right on. I didn't even know i had a cabin filter. I found it behind the glovebox. It was full of insects and leaves. I blew it clean with my compressor and voila i have better air volume now. Thankyou dom.
  3. I can't say exactly when it started but the interior fan is not blowing a lot of air. Switch works fine. All speeds can be selected. The airflow is just much lower than it used to be. We noticed it first on one of our rare days when we need air cond. We needed it on max the whole time and it could not keep up. about 80 degrees f. 04 CE
  4. Thanks, I checked and all hoses are connected. I did not disconnect the battery when i did the job because i cancelled the code with a code reader. Is 1000rpm the right idle speed? Should i disconnect the battery now and hook up again?
  5. This forum was great help for info on replacing an intake manifold gasket. The only part i would mention is that the 2003 2004 Corollas have a different throttle body mechanism than the ones on the posts here. That threw me off a little. I won't find out till this winter if it solves erratic revving in cold temps but i hope so. I cleaned the throttle body and changed the air cleaner before restarting the engine. It revved to 2000 rpm for a few minutes. then it revved up and down for 5 more minutes. Now it takes 5 minutes but when warm it will settle on a steady 1000 rpm idle and runs fine. Is all this normal? Before gasket replacement it idled at 700rpm steady. Is 1000rpm a good idle speed?
  6. 04 Corolla I have a noise coming from the drivers side wheel. I think it is the front. High pitched sqweak. Steady sound .It increases with speed.So it is connected somehow to the revolutions of the wheel. It is there all the time.I did not notice it till i drove next to a long concrete wall. It has changed in tone slightly in the past few weeks. Any ideas what it is? Can i fix this myself easily?
  7. Exactly the same as my 2004. We get -40 here so the erratic cold reving happens alot. check engine light came on today after 7 years.. My question is it ok to drive the car as is with the check engine light on and a bad intake gasket for a few weeks until i get around to fixing it? Thx
  8. 04 Manual transmission. When we start the car we must push the clutch right to the floor. Gradually we have had to push harder. Now we have to push very hard to get the ignition to kick in. Is there any way i can adjust this? Or is something worn out?
  9. I have a used 04 CE manual transmission that i had a toyota dealer install cruise in. It appears exactly as my friends stock cruise unit. The total cost was $350 US. An interesting note i found out when i tried to buy the parts only was that the 04 was more than an 05 or 03. Even though the motors are the same, a slightly different cruise mechanism with a chain was used in my year 04. Hopefully the match for you is the cheaper one.
  10. Thankyou fishexpo101 this forum is excellent. That is exactly the information i need. If i encounter any problems i,ll be sure to ask. I like the detailed info including possible problem areas
  11. 04 corolla CE electric non heated mirror A driver in the family smashed the drivers side mirror. I have bought a new one on ebay. When i undid the 3 nuts holding it onto the door i have the unit now hanging by the electrical cord. I can't find the connection. There is very little slack so simply pulling on the wire didn't help . The wire seems solidly held back inside the door panel.I assume it is in the door panel somewhere. A few questions. 1.Is the wire connection actually in the door panel? 2. Do I have to take off the interior door panel to find the spot where the new mirror wire will plug in? 3. How do i take off the door panel to access this spot. I have no special automotive tools but lots of mechanical/carpentry tools. thankyou

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