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Return of the Supra!

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The Toyota Supra is returning, allowing Toyota to swap out the Camry in NASCAR, starting in 2019 — they even showed off the new race version at Daytona yesterday. The actual production car was developed by both Toyota and BMW. The Camry has been Toyota’s racing car in NASCAR since 2007, though, like all NASCAR vehicles, it bears nothing but a superficial resemblance to a real Camry in any way. The Supra, a serious Corvette challenger, left production back in 2002. 

Toyota’s record in sport coupes has been mixed, with some highly respectable and memorable cars — certain Celicas, the first two generations of the MR2, the rare 2000GT, and the Supra — and some that did not gather quite the same respect, including the reborn MR2.  


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