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8Th Gen Corolla Aftermarket Wheel Bearings, Help

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I am going to be replacing a bad bearing on my 2002 S. But, I am hearing stories of bad bearing companies, like Moog, Federal etc. And that the only worthy companies are Timken and SKF.

What data is supported in saying the other companies no longer produce good bearings?

I opened a Moog box, and there was an SKF bearing in it. I opened a Timken box and it too had a SKF.

I personally always used Timken in my Vette, 93, and the load on the rears was heavy during auto cross, and they seemed to easily last for a couple seasons, vice needing two for other off brands I could find in Hawaii.

So, in your opinion, is a Moog, SKF, and Timken going to be fine in a 170000 mile work car?

Or is there really something that proves otherwise. Thanks

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Did you have any problems when you bought the bearings? I've read that Moog/Timken/SKF only comes with the hub.Is it true that the bearings, seals, and other items supposed to be in the package weren't included?

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